Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • TheElectricLaura
    TheElectricLaura Posts: 12 Member
    Just restarted on MFP - looking for friends and motivation. Using MFP, Fitbit Charge HR and Zombies, Run! app along with some yoga and Jillian Michaels workouts.
  • spiritbrat
    spiritbrat Posts: 80 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me!
  • Kevin0511
    Kevin0511 Posts: 19 Member
    Hey! I'm looking for new friends on here. Our goals don't have to be the same. I'm 18, at the highest weight in my life (200 lbs) 5'8". I was 190 a few years ago and was able to drop down to 165. But then life happened
  • BrianJ1970
    BrianJ1970 Posts: 14 Member
    Always happy to have active friends on here.
  • ShelleyVSjelly
    ShelleyVSjelly Posts: 18 Member
    Would love more friends who are positive and encouraging - feel free to add me!
  • Woobat
    Woobat Posts: 2 Member
    I'd love to have some new mfp buddies!
  • Ant488
    Ant488 Posts: 372 Member
    Feel free to add me.
  • zachduden
    zachduden Posts: 264 Member
    Still adding!
  • Sstargazer83
    Sstargazer83 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking for friends to add, I'm a daily user and love seeing others progress to keep me going
  • jordiblu
    jordiblu Posts: 145 Member
    Can add me I'm a very healthy eater and love sharing tips
  • Aaisha92
    Aaisha92 Posts: 206 Member
    Motivation definitely needed
  • jvanessa89
    jvanessa89 Posts: 332 Member
    Feel free to add - looking for friends that I can encourage on their journey and in turn those who are positive and encouraging to me.
  • Raindrop_
    Raindrop_ Posts: 10 Member
    Would love more friends! Add me!
  • jordiblu
    jordiblu Posts: 145 Member
    Add me I love sharing fit secrets
  • Joe030
    Joe030 Posts: 655 Member
    Add me for support :)
  • Fiqahana
    Fiqahana Posts: 93 Member
    Hi there, to anyone out there, if you ever need a friend to accompany you through this journey to a happier and healthier life, motivate you to reach for you goals, support you through ups and downs, I'm always here to be that friend, so feel free to add me! I hope we all will succeed in this journey, until the end! Have a nice day everyone! :)
  • pxpwop15
    pxpwop15 Posts: 321 Member
    I would love more friends! Add away!
  • 2muchfnsugar
    2muchfnsugar Posts: 866 Member
    Same here. Feel free to add me.
  • AgirlnameK
    AgirlnameK Posts: 1 Member
    I just restarted MFP today and need some motivation!!!. I gained some weight which is awful and having lap band surgery in 2008. Need some tips. Please add me.