TMI - TOO MUCH INFORMATION (And it doesn't even have to be Tuesday!) ;)



  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    edited July 2016
    Chicken with Alfredo Pesto Sauce and Fettuccini.

    What are you havin?
  • gcibsthom
    gcibsthom Posts: 29,555 Member
    baked chicken breast with steamed brocolli

    What is your favorite desert?
  • deanspools2013
    deanspools2013 Posts: 578 Member
    Deep fried ice cream

    What ya watching tonight
  • candiinprogress
    candiinprogress Posts: 7,883 Member
    I will watch My Kitchen Rules and then some Gilmore Girls re-runs :)

    What did you have for breakfast today?
  • lundage66
    lundage66 Posts: 329 Member
    1cup of steel cut oats and 1 scoop of protein powder.

    Have you worked out today?
  • nukephysics
    nukephysics Posts: 406 Member
    Not yet but it's on the schedule for lunch.

    What are you wearing today?
  • yusaku02
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    shoes, socks, boxers, jeans, undershirt and a light blue polo. Earlier I had a helmet and leather jacket on over everything.

    edit: forgot a question.
    If you could sacrifice one entertainer to bring another one back from the dead, who would they be?
    Hardmode: You have to like the one you're sacrificing.
  • ulcaster555
    ulcaster555 Posts: 1,150 Member
    Justin Bieber for David Bowie

    same question
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    Kanye West for Prince

    oh wait... I dont like Kanye how about Mick Jagger for Jim Morrison?

    Keepin it going, same question?
  • yxlr8
    yxlr8 Posts: 67 Member
    Robin Williams for any Kardashian

    Number of days without a shower?
  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
    Hey_Its_That_One_Guy Posts: 21,768 Member

    Last time you went to an arcade?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    Last Summer I took my Grandbaby for her Birthday

    Last time you raced Go Carts?
  • DrewMarcy13
    DrewMarcy13 Posts: 5,819 Member
    Probably when I was 14.

    Last time you had a naughty dream?
  • yusaku02
    yusaku02 Posts: 3,476 Member
    Is blowing up the earth naughty?
    I had a dream that a 150lb dog was chasing me and a talking kitten. When I yelled for help and it came out as a whisper I figured out it was a dream and ended up blowing up the immediate area all dragonball z style. Not wanting to take any chances that the dog could still bite me I took it one step further and destroyed the planet. That was weird... Normally I wake up immediately if I realize I'm dreaming.

    Are you getting lucky tonight?
  • FLBlackMax
    FLBlackMax Posts: 1,283 Member
    I mean - plenty of time for plans to change - but unlikely. Probably hanging with the fellas tonight.

    Strangest thing ever said to you while in the act?
  • NASAwife13
    NASAwife13 Posts: 130 Member
    No I have not

    Would you consider meeting someone off of MFP?
  • DrewMarcy13
    DrewMarcy13 Posts: 5,819 Member
    I'd consider it.

    Same question
  • slinkybinkydog
    slinkybinkydog Posts: 38,959 Member
    Yes there is a few
    Same question