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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Just a quick drive-by to say Thank You, Barbie for the new month.
    I’m off to bed and will see you all tomorrow.

    Love ya,
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Good morning. Woke up early, so came downstairs to talk to you lot on this 1st August. It's actually my ex's birthday and I did send him a card this year as he has been ill and had an operation. He won't see the card until he gets back from New Orleans. His wife is a huge blues fan and plays the harmonica. They have taken their two teen kids.

    Missing the grandkids already. This week I have my yoga friend coming to the house tomorrow for a yoga session and then DH has four days of cricket watching, plus a one day game on Tuesday, so I will be on my own a lot. And you all know that is a challenge for me. The fridge starts its siren call. :sad: I hope to get some writing done.

    Barbie - Thank you so much for continuing to point us in the right direction. :flowerforyou:

    Katla - If you are anything like us, you will continue to talk about your trip for ever!

    Charlene - Fabulous quilts! I am so in awe.

    Welcome to the new people. Slow but sure does it! Faithful logging and moving more! I don't believe in fancy diets, unless you have a medical condition, but I would like to put in a word for vegetables. Heap them on your plate! Especially green ones. Last night we had chard and runner beans from the garden and some frozen broad beans. Plus 4oz lamb. I allowed myself 75 extra calories for an olive oil and lemon juice dressing with garden herbs.
    On the whole I feel better and find it easier to keep to my generous allowance if I keep carbs low, but I am not fanatical about it. At DS's house I eat more carbs because my usual foods are not available, but I did extremely well only having a taste of the fabulous focaccia and no cheesecake for dessert. I had three slices of mango.

    Will have another alcohol free day today.

    So , my only goal for August is to drink no more than 14 units a week.
    Everything else is going along fine and I'm enjoying using the kettlebell. I want to lose two and a half pounds eventually, but there is no rush.

    My swim outfit arrived yesterday and it fits well. That's a relief as it's Asian sizing. X L . ;) The top and stripe on the leg are not exactly the same pattern, but they are in the same colourway, so look fine. I won't be on a catwalk, but snorkeling in the sea or a lake. It will save me having to lather myself with sun cream and I will be able to swim in the middle of the day. I can also swim in my new beach shoes so I'm all set for next January. :laugh: (I'm going to Mexico)

    Must take DH a cup of tea. <3

    Heather, hoping for some rain tonight for the garden.
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    Elizabeth- I have seen pickle ball advertised to join a team but I have no idea what it is.
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I just found an excellent article about weight loss & muscle loss on facebook and hope I'll be able to share it here:

    Uncannily Youthful At 67, He Embodies Antidote To Bummer 'Biggest Loser' Study

    Great article
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    Charleen... the quilts are GORGEOUS! Someday, when life isn't so busy, maybe I can get back to it.

    Goal for July--"Be lighter" - made it. Three pounds lighter, nine pounds for the year, two past my overall goal, which is just be lighter each month than the one prior. I was at 186 in January, 177 now.

    Goal for August -- "Be lighter." That's it.

    Here's to a triumphant August for us all... and hopefully a cooler one here. We had some rain yesterday afternoon... enough to water the "grass." It's green, we mow it, so we call it grass. However, in terms of temp, it's much like being a turkey in the oven. First you get roasted, then you get basted... :wink: then you get roasted some more.

    My husband made an amazing dinner last night - chicken enchiladas. Threw a couple chicken thighs on the grill, and when they were done, added them to a crockpot with green enchilada sauce, a brick of cream cheese and cream of chicken soup... let it all stew for a couple hours. Then scooped the chicken out into flour tortillas, rolled them up, used half the remainder of the sauce in the bottom of a 13x9 pan, half over the top, in a 400 degree oven for a half hour. Could be made very healthy with just changing it out to chicken breast, fat-free cream cheese, low-fat cream of chicken soup, corn tortillas (which are only about 10-20 calories). I could only eat one, but one of the most amazing tastes he's created yet.

    Off to the races...
    Love y'all!
    Lisa in West Texas
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    Morning Ladies~
    Thank you Barbie for keeping the thread going...your such a peach xoxo
    well this week is gonna be a doozy at work so glad I had a day and a 1/2 or relaxation.. im on my own with the doggies and on my own as an assistant all week.. we on monday,tuesday and weds, have 2 drs working, well today we have 2 drs and me, I am gonna be running like a chicken with my head cut off today. and wont take a lunch with me as I have to come and let the dogs out...
    Tom and I are talking on the phone , but I dont call him, he can call me, I was so tired last night I was asleep at about 6:45 and got up around 4:15.. dont have to cook anything as Tom isnt here..
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I just found an excellent article about weight loss & muscle loss on facebook and hope I'll be able to share it here:

    Uncannily Youthful At 67, He Embodies Antidote To Bummer 'Biggest Loser' Study

    Great article

    I totally agree!
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    Got your check for the postage for the DVD's. thank you very much.

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    Katla - Good article. Of course it's only what we've been saying all along, but it's nice to see real research endorsing it. When I started 4 years ago I didn't understand the importance of strength training and didn't think that it was for me as a woman. Now I love my arm definition and slim waist. I'm hoping the kettlebell will lick my thighs into shape, but I think I'm stuck with the cottage cheese cellulite. :ohwell:

    The next door neighbours have just knocked on the door and handed us a bunch of flowers and a nice bottle of Rioja. :D It's a thanks for putting up with all their noise from the extension. How nice of them. It was an absolute pain - we couldn't use our garden or even have the windows open. But they've finished now and it is beautiful.

    Got to wash my hair and then go food shopping with DH this afternoon. Mainly veggies and fruit. Fish tonight or vegetarian - we've eaten a lot of meat recently.

    Lisa - Congrats on the weight loss during such a stressful time.! :flowerforyou:

    Love Heather xxxxxxxxxx

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    I need to seriously get my act together. My daughter got married yesterday so all if that stuff is done. I am going to ethiopia in october and need to be able to walk more at an altitude if 7700 ft above sea level. So here is my plan:
    20 min treadmill 5 days a week
    20 min bike 5 days a week
    Take dogs for 30 min walk 5 days a week
    Log all food and be mindful of what i eat.
    I must do this or i will not be able to go!!

    Karen from BC
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    Wishing everyone a wonderful August!

    Many schools start here today so traffic will be heavier than usual!

    August Goals:
    Honestly log what I eat!
    Lose at least 2 pounds

    Carol from GA
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    <3 Thank you for joining me on my journey to health and fitness. I got up at 3:45, walked each dog briefly in the back, wrote in my gratitude journal, and have had my usual breakfast while reading about everyone's plans for August. Next I'll meditate (I'm up to 12 minutes and 15 seconds), then take first Brandy then Sasha on a long walk that should total close to two hours. Then I'll be ready to shower and dress for the day's activities starting with grocery shopping.

    <3:) Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    Hello to all you fab fifties+ - I've recently joined again and so starting my challenge just a week ago...as put on 3 stone and need to lose. I want to be fit and thin again by Oct/Nov and will be motivated to get back into a bikini :-)

    August goals
    Gym minimum 5 days a week
    Body Pump 2 days a week
    Yoga/Pilates 2 days a week

    5:2 diet - Monday/Thursday

    No Bread, sugar or alcohol apart from a drink at the weekend and only after 5 miles of activity - 10,000 steps
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    Barbie Thank you, this thread is a lifeline. Thanks for the reminder about gratitude.

    Michele!!! FIrst day of freedom!!! old-lady-driving-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Mary I'm thinking of buying an adjustable kettlebell. I need a couple of other sizes and am at that juncture. Do you have several or just one adjustable kettlebell?

    Larisa and Sonja Ooh la la!!

    Re You're the funnest plugger I know.

    Heather Thanks for reminding me about vegetables. I do love 'em.

    Elizabeth I like the "learning something new" goal.

    Karen from BC OMG! Ethiopia sounds like a wonderful wonderful trip of a lifetime!

    Carol Thanks for the "honestly logging" reminder.

    Lisa "Be lighter". That's a good goal.

    Taking a page from your books, my August goals are:
    1. Honestly log everything everyday
    2. Weigh every week
    3. Write out my progressive kettlebell and dumbbell routine for the month of August so I'm not winging it
    4. Green vegetables at 2 meals every day
    5. Learn something new in August
    6. Look for opportunities to perform random acts of kindness
    7. Be lighter by the end of August.


    Welcome Newbies!!

    Karen in Virginia