Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Any517
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    Motivation would be great =)
    Is there anybody from germany - near Frankfurt oder Darmstadt?
  • embear2
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    I've been logging daily now since January and see this as my life going forward. I've lost 3.6 stone and only have a few more lbs to go. Would love more friends to support me on my lifelong journey to keep the weight off. I'm UK based but friends from anywhere are welcome
  • peachi86
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    sure :)
  • stepea83
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    looking for more buddies. pretty active on this and open diary.
  • tinuz
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    i have some friend vacancies....
  • adambrewington23
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    I'm new here and would absolutely LOVE to have some friends on here. If you're relatively active then add away. I'm far from perfect but teamwork makes the dream work so let's get it.
  • akutozo
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    Definitely willing to friend other driven people. I'm using an old photo of my "unhealthier" days to motivate myself to do better each day. I've lost 30 pounds right now and would love to help encourage others and have them encourage me to lose even more.
  • PamWOhio
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    Hi Everyone. I am new to MFP, Dieting and have been completely sedentary for the past 6 years. I got a Garmin Vivofit 2 and firs day only managed 1/2 a mile at a brisk pace and then next 2 days I did 2 miles at a very brisk pace. Logging all my food is teaching me a lot but yesterday and today my shins are KILLING me. Please tell me that will get better but I am going to be useless getting my steps in today. I do have a question. MFP tells me different calories I should be taking in depending on how much I walk but I need to know if it is ok if I take in less. I have only been doing this for 4 days and haven't even reached 1200 calories...let alone the 1400-1700 they tell me to take in depending on my activity for that day. I do not like many veggies or fruits and am eating eggs with a piece of cheese, a piece of toast with no fat butter spray and even 1 piece of bacon and I get so satisfied, I am usually not hungry by the next time I am supposed to eat. Yesterday was the worst...I only took in 700 calories. I could really use some friends and some advice. I lost 5lbs in 4 days which is great but I also know day to day that number can go up or down so shouldn't even be weighing in as often as I do. The excitement is too tempting though. Anyway, nice to meet you all.
  • Runningforafew
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  • x_xKarina
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    Add me
  • DavidMoore2696
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    Davidmoore2696 Please add me guys!!
  • stormbornkraken
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    It's like the adult version of friend whoring sharing your fruit roll up on the playground! Sign me up! <3
  • tawnyd24
    tawnyd24 Posts: 19 Member
    I can use the motivation for sure as I have not logged into the site for quite awhile(
  • nukephysics
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    It's like the adult version of friend whoring sharing your fruit roll up on the playground! Sign me up! <3

    What she said...

  • cazziecoo
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    I am starting back on here after a long time away (and gaining back what i lost). I am especially interested in friends in the UK that I can get meal ideas from! Carly :)
  • AshSarahP
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    I'm new and could totally use friends/motivators on here! Feel free to add me (I'm a great cheerleader :wink: )
  • Turb2o
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    Add me PEOPLE
  • akutozo
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    Feel free to add for positive vibes and encouragement.
  • Turb2o
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    Add me if you like lifting weights
  • greenbaymichele
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    I need some extra motivation. Please add me.