Confessions of a Maintainer



  • Abm4n
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    nxd10 wrote: »
    I love food! In fact I appreciate it even more now that I'm eating consciously. That has helped me maintain four years. Never put food in your mouth that doesn't taste good.

    Thanks for saying that. I can relate to this.
  • Francl27
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    I surprise myself sometimes still. Like going out for lunch and being full after the bread/appetizer and deciding to actually pack my entree and have it for dinner instead... which I would NEVER have done before. Oh and passing on dessert too.

    Then there are days when I just want to gorge myself with a 3000 calorie meal.

    I absolutely can't figure out how some people survive on prepared/frozen/packaged meals and don't get fat. I had to do it for 2 days and I was SO HUNGRY trying to stay within my calories.

    I'm obsessed with being active. Can't stand spending even a few hours not doing anything at home. I often do a 1.5 hour workout and still go for a 3 miles walk after. I am 100% sure that I would still be at least overweight if I didn't exercise.

    (might have mentioned some of those before, oh well)
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    jennitm wrote: »
    I confess that I still can't be left alone with an opened bag of Doritos.

    This is me. After all these years, tortilla chips are still my weakness. In fact, hubs bough a bag yesterday, and the scale is up two pounds today. Yay sodium and carbs lol.
  • foursixfour
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    Sometimes I still Eat My Feelings due to boredom, stress, lonliness etc.
  • cwolfman13
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    Going on 3.5 logging. I actually find it pretty easy...for the most part I eat and I train, rinse and repeat and I enjoy eating well and make some pretty incredible things in the kitchen that a lot of people would think to be calorie bombs but they're really not...but I still go to town on a whole pizza from time to time which is why we only really go out once per month or so.
  • hmrambling
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    I still don't keep many snacks in the house. The only snack food in the house most of the time is protein bars. I don't buy crap that I don't think I should be eating. I reserve that junk food eating for when I go out with friends, which is usually on the weekends.

    I still have "bad food choices with Hope" nights with one of my best friends. Oh yeah, when we get together, we know we are going to make bad food choices. Lots of them. And be miserable.

    Everything else in moderation, and occasional "bad food choices with Hope" nights.
  • girlgroves
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    I've only been maintaining (+/-5lbs) for about 9 weeks now but I must confess I've kept my MPF calorie limit set to lose 0.5lbs per week. Just because I don't quite trust myself not to go mad yet! And probably just as well - because my second confession - 1 digestive biscuit is never enough!
  • mrmeza123
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    I'm really enjoying melon and vegetables with my salads. The flavors stand out. I'm also a cook, being around everything, I enjoy eating fresh.
  • FitPhillygirl
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    I love maintenance. Been doing it for the past 5 years without gaining a pound back and even lost a few more. I don't track my food as I find that it works better for me if I just eat what I want and stop when I'm full. Because I eat a lot of high protein and fiber foods I find that I never overeat anyway since I'm satisfied for longer periods of time. Don't over think things. Just eat and enjoy your food.
  • KareninLux
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    Been on maintenance for approx one month - started just before holidays. Haven't really gained any but the daily fluctuations are wild - 2 to 3 lbs even. I know this has to do with water, sodium, food volume, even humidity but I confess it freaks me out as I weigh myself everyday and hate seeing the number go up.

    So I will stick with with approx 1500 cals per day (eating back most exercise calories) until 1 Sept and then probably drop to 1200 cals again to lose another 5lbs - at least - then get back to maintenance by Christmas. Also in October my former 'walking' commute of 6km daily will change to a +8km bike ride so that will change some things around for sure.