If I just did ____________ more I would be closer to KILLING my goal(s) and seeing crazy results!



  • nowine4me
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    Sleep, sleep, sleep. Oh, I wish I could sleep better.
    STLBADGIRL Posts: 1,693 Member
    manage stressful situaitons
  • Karihappy
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    Quit having my weekly "eat all you can eat and drink all you can drink" day. But then again, maybe I wouldn't be as consistent at losing if I didn't have at least that one day (sometimes two) to look forward to! :)
  • joans1976
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    More exercise. I'm lazy.
  • GYATagain
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    Stop sneaking "secret" food!

    ETA: My hips aren't keeping the secret...

    ^^ this!! That old saying -- What we eat in private shows on our bodies in public...... So, it is not really "secret".
  • middlehaitch
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    If I just __treated myself like a 36yo instead of a 63 yo____more I would be closer to KILLING my goal(s) and seeing crazy results!

    Actually I would probably just be closer to killing myself and that would be a crazy result.

    In reality- push more to move more weight when lifting.

    Cheers, h.
    STLBADGIRL Posts: 1,693 Member
    Accept that weight loss isn't linear, and not lose hope over three weeks of not-a-dam-thing happening on the scale. Also noting that inches may be lost while scale weight remains the same.

    This is what I am going through....lol... But I also do not consistently do all the things I posted above so that could be why the scale isn't moving too....lmao
  • Fursian
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    For me it is exercise. Specifically the treadmill (or dreadmill, if you will! lol). Easily, exercise has kept me in check throughout, but I'm sad to say that summer wiped me out. I could not acclimatize, or chose not to, and just could not bring myself to get on the treadmill after I was close to passing out with the heat.

    Winter is approaching and I'm back on my treadmill, overjoyed to say!

    Honestly, my fear was that by time winter arrived, I'd not want to exercise, y'know the "out of sight out of mind" thing.. but I kept with it.

    One thing that I did, that I believe helped keep me with it.... I have kept an office document log on my PC of all my exercises (all the way back to the 5 minute walks on my treadmill that I thought was 'too' much at the start, back on September 26th, 2015), I continued to open the document, looking at it, seeing the progress, letting what I've "achieved" sink in, time and time again. -- I may not have been able to complete exercise in the summer, but bringing up the exercise log from time to time, I believe really helped to get back to it when I felt I could.
  • gjw1911
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    Drink less beer, I only drink on Friday when I have my cheat meal at night.
    It is the only vice I have left, I have resisted quitting drinking because I feel like if I let beer go, and my only cheat meal. I might be at risk of developing a full blown eating/body dismorphic disorder.
  • khhregister
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    If only I would stop with the massive amounts of popcorn. Whenever we have popcorn (we have our own popcorn maker), I have a HUGE bowl. I can measure the popped weight, but not the unpopped kernels. So I don't know for sure the calories. It's bad, I know it. HUNDREDS of calories. And I'm not even satisfied afterwards.
  • luv2shimmy
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    Be consistent!
  • Aaron_K123
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    goal killing
  • Somebody_Loved
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    Drink less alcohol.
  • JessicaMcB
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    Pick up the damn Olympic bar already. I know I need to recomp....so unmotivated.