Down 127lbs in 7 months!



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    Well done, you look fantastic!
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    Congratulations! You look fantastic! I understand the stigma that surrounds weight loss surgery as I too have recently undergone a sleevectomy procedure in August. Having been there with my wife when she had her surgery four years ago, it isn't a miracle or an easy way out. It takes a lifelong dedication. It's exercise. It's making sure that every ounce of food you take in is full of protein and nutrients. It's taking vitamins and supplements for the rest of your life. It's no easier than just deciding one day to get healthy through eating right and exercising.

    My issue as I believe many people's is that I couldn't control my hunger and would always slip back into those bad habits. The surgery allowed me to control my hunger and gave me the "cold turkey" time I needed to get away from sweets, fatty foods and most importantly - SODA. I now have no issue resisting the temptation of these types of foods and the surgery and subsequent recovery period allowed my body to naturally build up the energy and motivation to get moving.

    So if having a major invasive surgery coupled with the expense of it to get a jump start on a sustained weight loss and lifestyle change is "the easy way out" so be it.

    BTW....37lbs down in just over six weeks. More energy than I have had in over 20 years. Down a shirt size and THREE pants sizes!
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    Awesome. You look great!
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    SaraKarns wrote: »
    Wanted to answer a few questions. I have used MFP very consistently since June. It is a huge part of my success.

    I have hit plateau's. Typically they happen when I am not being as strict with my diet. Protein really is key. When I up my protein, the pounds start to come off again.

    In a typical day I eat between 800 and 1200 calories. I know that is not that many, but each of those calories is carefully thought out and full of nutrients that my body needs.

    ^Truth. The most calories I have eaten in a single day was 1250, but it was all from healthy, nutrient & protein rich foods. Typically, 800-1000 is what I average in a day.
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    Wow! Great work!
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    Great job keep up the good work
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    Great work you are beautiful. I love the confident smile
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    So incredible!! Congratulations!!
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    Great Job..
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    Awesome job! Thank you so much for sharing.