Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • ThereThatGuy
    ThereThatGuy Posts: 1 Member
    I'm always looking for new inspiration! Add me :)
  • allyouwannado
    allyouwannado Posts: 32 Member
    Just getting back into it, can use all the encouragement I can get! :)
  • khd75
    khd75 Posts: 843 Member
    add me too
  • EricLFC1892
    EricLFC1892 Posts: 85 Member
    Always on the lookout for active members for support.. feel free to add me..
  • I am also new, and so far have a grand total of 0 friends! I have managed to stay motivated and use MFP every day, and faithfully log all calories. but it would be nice to meet some people and ask some questions. Feel free to add or message me, i will respond to anyone who is kind and respectful.
  • purplesevens
    purplesevens Posts: 367 Member
    sure, add, add, add, but please don't post your nudes on the feed, at least not until we know each other better. Yes people actually do that.

    I log in daily to put my info in, comment when I can--honest and supportive, great listener too if you need to vent. I'll try to FR some more tomorrow but so late here and I'm going to try to sleep through the hurricane now. OH and I have lost over 65lbs and still going!!! Starting strenght training now. Nite!
  • drvignesh1
    drvignesh1 Posts: 16 Member
    Hello all.,,,. I'm looking for some motivation jus like u.. hope we can help each other losing weight..
  • untietheworld
    untietheworld Posts: 1 Member
    I'd love more friends to keep me motivated!
  • Li5a_B
    Li5a_B Posts: 18 Member
    me me!
  • simon0000
    simon0000 Posts: 1,432 Member
    add me
  • foxflakes
    foxflakes Posts: 5 Member
    Me too me too!
  • salisburyalex
    salisburyalex Posts: 35 Member
    Feel free to add me. Community is an awesome thing.
  • Playball549
    Playball549 Posts: 35 Member
    Yes Please!! I am looking for active friends. Add me!
  • fatkid1110
    fatkid1110 Posts: 20 Member
    Add me, for support!!! B)
  • MzCongeniality70
    MzCongeniality70 Posts: 352 Member
    Add me! This is my second round at this. I got super fit and hawt last time. I'm looking to get there again!
  • leann8939
    leann8939 Posts: 24 Member
    Not sure how to add or be added.... lol
    But support is a great thing :)
  • Ali_momof2
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    New Friend Friday!!!!!
  • someperson902
    someperson902 Posts: 9 Member
    repost part deux !.. Please add me
  • Eliana_65
    Eliana_65 Posts: 19 Member
    I want more friends! Let's motivate eachother
  • Cush_la
    Cush_la Posts: 113 Member
    always looking for new friends! <3