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  • Butako71
    Butako71 Posts: 6 Member
    Hello from Japan.
    Add me. Looking for new friends.
  • tarathering
    tarathering Posts: 13 Member
    I'd like more friends! Most of my list has become inactive. Please add me. Thanks-Tara, Madison WI
  • SoUl_ReBeL2021
    SoUl_ReBeL2021 Posts: 120 Member
    Add me
  • Rowdy0823
    Rowdy0823 Posts: 3 Member
    3 yrs ago I joined MFP and lost 60 lbs. I kept it off through 2 pregnancies and I am ready to get back to meeting my weightloss goals. I am having to start from scratch with MFP and have lost my support group. Need motivated buddies.
  • salisburyalex
    salisburyalex Posts: 35 Member
    Feel free to give me an add. Working towards being a personal trainer, working even harder towards becoming a physical therapist. Open diary and I post my workouts here.
  • MrsPotStirerLoL
    MrsPotStirerLoL Posts: 33 Member
    Add me.I'm active on here. Mommy, wife, and student. I lost 53 pounds last year. Gained about 8 pounds back and wanting to at least lose those before the end of the year!Hoping to lose another 15-20 before I reach my goal weight. I'm awesome about exercising but i struggle with food! Please send me a message along with your request.
  • DarthJader89
    DarthJader89 Posts: 213 Member
    Heyo, always looking to make friends on here so feel free to add me!
  • chemtrailz
    chemtrailz Posts: 43 Member
    could use some more friends on my feed . add away
  • hellokah
    hellokah Posts: 6 Member
    edited November 2016
  • BuffMom84
    BuffMom84 Posts: 180 Member
    I don't remember if I commented on this thread or not, but anyone can feel free to add me! :)
  • enfolium
    enfolium Posts: 4 Member
    I'm looking for some friends on here to help keep me motivated to continue to track my intake.
  • Hi! Looking for friends here
  • raphfernandez96
    raphfernandez96 Posts: 1 Member
    I'd love to make friends! I also have a youtube channel and would love to communicate with you all. Here is the link if you are interested in more workouts, exercises, and all round fitness with weight loss/gain.
  • spiveaa
    spiveaa Posts: 1,387 Member
    always looking to add more positive MFP'ers, add me, lets do this!
  • Damm your sexy daddy
  • brandonation_81
    brandonation_81 Posts: 373 Member
    Anyone who likes sarcasm, humor, and general fun, add me. I'm not half bad on certain days.
  • Hello there how are you
  • Edel2479
    Edel2479 Posts: 25 Member
    Hi I wouldn't mind making friends lol I'm new to the community so feel free to add me!!
  • mccormf1
    mccormf1 Posts: 153 Member
    I like people
  • snickerdoodle1
    snickerdoodle1 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey everyone! Just started C25K. Looking to lose 40lbs. Feel free to add me!