Low calorie "munchie" type snacks



  • Whitezombiegirl
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    I try to avoid carby grain- based or sweet snacks these days as they turn me into a carb monster!

    I tried pop chips and popcorn, crackets etc but it just makes me ravenous. These days im trying to eat more protein and fattier snacks like slices of thick cooked ham, cocktail sausages, yoghurt, coffee with coconut cream, cottage cheese, nuts- or veg. A bowl of streamed veg with butter or vinegar hits the spot for me. Low cal soup is good.

    For uk people- i like baxters cockaleekie ( i scoop out the rice) or minestrone (i remove the pasta). They are both low cal.
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    My daily calorie count is pretty low, so I have to make sure my snacks are also very low. My three "go to" snacks are:

    Skinny Pop Popcorn - 100 calories worth
    Snack Bag of Baby Carrots and 2 TBSP of Chobani Mezze Dip, any flavor - around 75 calories. The Chobani Dip is 25 calories for 2 TBSP and it's really good.
    Outshine Grape Fruit Bar for when I need a sugary treat - 60 calories.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Depends on what I'm craving but my go to snacks are:

    Two finger Kitkat 107 cals
    KP Skips 89 cals
    peanuts 20g - 113 cals
    Apple with 10g peanut butter - 120 cals
    Wholewheat toast/marmlade/4g butter - 130 cals
    Greek yogurt 100g with berries - 110 cals
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    I keep a supply of these 5 calorie gelatin containers on hand, for a snack attack. Are they good? Nope, good enough though to take me from a state "must..eat...food...NOW!!!" to turning that switch off.

    Note - this is for when my planned snacks aren't enough.
  • duddysdad
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    I like baby carrots. I can eat an entire bag for not many calories. The bulk helps with the fullness feeling. They're also great roasted or steamed.
  • liftorgohome
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    Pretzels, goldfish, penut butter, cheese its. Healthy snacks.
  • Zinka61
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    frozen grapes
    rice cakes with Marmite
  • hollyrayburn
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  • ogtmama
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    Roasted seaweed, sugar free jello/pudding cups, fruit cups packed in water,
  • FestetheJester
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    I love navel oranges. I eat them segment by segment and completely remove all of the peel, so it takes time and lets me fill up instead of eating a quick snack and wanting more.
  • yummymummy52
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    Slices of apple with a little bit of peanut butter
    Snack a Jack rice cakes
    Glass of water (to check you aren't confusing thirst for hunger)
    Popcorn - non flavoured and air popped maybe with a little bit of salt
    Vegetable crudites with some low fat humous
  • kommodevaran
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    Low calorie food and snacking gives you the munchies. Try to eat real meals made up of real food.
  • successgal1
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  • suzievv
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    Romaine lettuce hearts. The kind that come 3 in a bag. Yum, yum; sweet and crunchy; and very low on calories.

    Baby carrots.
  • suzievv
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    Also decaf coffee with 2 teaspoons creamer. Or herbal tea. Or water.
  • idabest777
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    I am obsessed with popcorn, I have some pretty much every night. I have a microwave bowl where I can just throw in some plain kernels and pop them in the microwave. I usually throw on some melted butter + one of the *many* different popcorn flavourings I have (orange/white cheddar, sour cream and onion, sweet chili lime, salt and vinager, etc) so I can keep it mixed up.
  • Carrots and hummus is like 100 calories.
    Rice cakes run about 50 calories.
    I make my own kale/spinach chips and eat as many as I want.
  • A cup of dry regular cheerios. Its only 100 calories, easy to measure, slow to eat and cheap.
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