The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • chickpeas62
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    hello, just joined today, mid fifties, looking forward to connecting with others here for motivation, :)
  • Just turned 40 this past year. I'm in.
  • singingflutelady
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    56 and I'm here for some fun! Oh yea and to lose a few fat cells :D

    @Tiny_Dancer_in_Pink those darn fat cells!

    I'm 40 turning 41 next month eek. Gotta lose those fat cells ;)
  • canadian_bakin
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    40 here with a min of 50 lbs to lose :D
  • cshrader
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    50--- feel free to add me
  • cshrader
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    edited January 2017
    OK yer pretty
  • tcwoody955
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    I'm 55 and trying to get healthy. Please feel to add me.
  • Blessed_2
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    Turned 50 last month.
  • Pamelaniamh
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    I will be 59 next month and I am living in Perth, Western Australia. Anyone in my time zone?
  • moya_bleh
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    42, 43 in March. Add me!
  • brigittethomson
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    Feel free to add me! Hitting the big 50 in
    2017! Have used CC previously to get on track and been up and down over the past 10 years. Hoping to get the weight off this year and keep it off for the second half of my life
  • BW__NOT
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    how did you all do this weekend with the big games on etc...?
  • Julianna here in historic southern Maryland. Today's plan includes weight training biceps and chest, and 25 minutes of cardio. Now it's out there! I could use help with accountability, please. Fueling-up with Fiber One and yogurt, 3 ounces of lean chopped sirloin, crisp salad, handful of black olives stuffed with cheese. Keeping hunger at bay and easing the soreness by sipping GAT "Muscle Martini" . God Bless Ya'll Real Good.
  • rdouma73
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    42 but refusing to age. B) Feel free to add me.
  • JuanSLOjourney
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    38 here. 102lbs down, and about 50ish more to go. Feel free to add me as well. Always looking for support and to give support.
  • sdereski
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    Had a good weekend - snowshoe hike on Saturday, Beach party on Sunday and a nice run today! :D
  • sdereski
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    Another run / walk last evening. Am really enjoying this mild weather - for running. Not so great for snowshoeing.
  • Cuddleme72
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    Hi 45 in May. Restarting a long journey. Down 53lbs would still like to lose another 75. Please feel free to add me. The more support we all have the better.
  • DanielleM7810
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    I'm 38, mom of 3 and just started Spartan racing and marathon running last year. Here's to all the fogeys!!
  • michellemybelll
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    I'm 32 and happily married, do I count as middle aged? :lol: