Swimming or jogging , which is your favourite?



  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,489 Member
    12 days since the thread was created, its still running for me today, have not changed my mind.
  • zezelryck
    zezelryck Posts: 251 Member
    Love both but I think swimming just about edges it for me, and it really does not have anything to do with all of the bikini clad females taking a dip I swear lol.
  • punkrockgoth
    punkrockgoth Posts: 534 Member
    Both. I don't think I could ever choose one over the other. They both have their benefits and I love both.
  • jennybearlv
    jennybearlv Posts: 1,519 Member
    Jogging, because I can do it from my front door. The nearest pool is 15 miles from me. I also found swimming harder to learn. Jogging just comes naturally. I can get away with not washing my hair after a run. Even with a swim cap my hair always ends up with pool water in it and this time of year I try to get away with having dry hair as often as possible.
  • wardamnirish056
    wardamnirish056 Posts: 119 Member
    I prefer swimming, but the pools here get a bit crowded, so I end up doing a lot of running. I enjoy both.
  • alexis_sheeaa
    alexis_sheeaa Posts: 5 Member
    Jogging for sure! I try to convince myself to swim, but honestly it's usually a time crunch for me. Jogging is easier because you can where what you've got on and not have to dry off excessively afterwards... it'd be a little different if I weren't opposed to wearing a bathing suit as daily wear, or walking around wet for the rest of the day... but oh, well. Comme ci, comme ca. ;)
  • juliet3455
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    I am fairly balanced with Running/Swimming. A slight preference for running as there are more Running Events that I can go to as a competitor. Very few swimming events without multiday travel.

    I never go Jogging, it's always the Jogger that finds the Body in the movies.
  • tuckerrj
    tuckerrj Posts: 1,453 Member
    Swimming! I run only when there are no other exercise options.
  • BCullari
    BCullari Posts: 33 Member
    Just interested to know what people prefer ?

    I perform both, because each offers different values toward physical fitness.
  • pbandwine
    pbandwine Posts: 1,236 Member
    I like both, but my preference for which activity depends on the day
  • FairhavenDS
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    I prefer swimming, but I have no endurance for it (and I don't know most of the strokes) so I run.
  • For low impact and high quality cardio I always have and always will jump in the pool to swim before I put my New Balancers on........but......I used to be one hell of a long distance runner. Kind of miss running; especially that last lap when you break out into a full sprint and you can't feel the pain because your endorphins kick in.
  • NorthCascades
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  • Psyduckfan1
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    Jogging here. Of course it's by default; I can't swim (darn it!).