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MFP doesn't work.



  • CattOfTheGarageCattOfTheGarage Member Posts: 2,750 Member Member Posts: 2,750 Member
    This thread is decidedly odd.

    There have been a few odd ones recently
  • GlasscandleGlasscandle Member Posts: 117 Member Member Posts: 117 Member
    OP I hear you and sympathize! The scale gets sooo stuck. Keep logging and trying to keep up with the 1200/day. I am just about where you are in weight and age and it is slow going. Some random days I lose 1-2 lbs after 2 wks of zip. Hang in there.
  • clare_harteclare_harte Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    MFP is a helpful tool to track your food and exercise. YOU make it work and the app helps to monitor your intake of calories, nutrition and the calories burned through exercise. Weightloss won't magically fall off just because you use this app but it assists with management and monitoring.
    I've lost weight this way and it's slowly coming off. I've overeaten too and it helps me to halt that and account for it
    When I get to goal I'll still use it to monitor an help me maintain. It's a fact if you eat too much, don't exercise and aren't aware of it and ignore it or go back to old unhealthy over eating you will put all your weight back on...SIMPLES
  • kazminchukazminchu Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    You are right. MFP doesn't work. Oh, you can lose weight using MFP, but your chances of keeping the weight off are slim. I've been on MFP for years. I've had significant weight loss but gained it all back. All my MFP friends have either gained their weight back or are still struggling along trying to lose. Until I realized that diets don't work, and that making weight loss a goal doesn't work, I didn't have any real success. Those of you who want to say that you lost weight on MFP so it does work---it doesn't work unless you keep the weight off, so show me someone who has. I'll bet they are few and far between. Focusing on weight loss, counting calories, and dieting is just a recipe for disaster.

    I lost 95lbs in 2013. I gained 20 back last year due to hormonal contraception, depression and anxiety. I'm back down 86lbs, well on the way to my original loss.

    I prefer to focus on weight loss and counting calories than die early of obesity-related problems. But it's your choice. Make excuses, or take control of your own life.
  • size102bsize102b Member Posts: 1,370 Member Member Posts: 1,370 Member
    MEBaraszu wrote: »
    On WW I lost 1.5 to 2 lbs per week. Never stayed the same or gained.
    I am at 1200 calories per day
    57 year old woman
    180 lbs
    Slightly active. Walk on treadmill 4x a week.

    I haven't all the replies but this made me lol why change what's working ? If it's money you know the plan you can do it without paying now.

    Calories are strict weigh solids on scales measure liquids in jugs
    Log everything you eat and drink
    Eat enough
    Why are you in 1200 calories way too low if your honesty eating drinking only 1200 you'd lose weight
    Thing is if your not losing but lost on we your not logging everything honestly
    Everything needs logging sauces fruit veg etc etc
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