Sexy by Summer



  • sambosmitty
    sambosmitty Posts: 39 Member
    Are you still accepting new people? I need to fit into my bikinis by Memorial day so looking to lose at least 20 lbs by then.
    Two cheers for GR (I'm about 15 minutes away in Zeeland)

    We are so close!!!
  • mp200809
    mp200809 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in. Add me if you would like. I need to lose 70-80 lbs total but my husband said if I lose half of it by the end of the year then I get to pick the vacation. I have trouble staying motivated so hopefully with other people around I will be able to get this weight down. It is like an anchor around my waist.
  • TheCupcakeCounter
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    We are so close!!! [/quote]

    I know!!! And I have cats
  • sambosmitty
    sambosmitty Posts: 39 Member

    We are so close!!!

    I know!!! And I have cats[/quote]

    Did we just become best friends? :wink:
  • ShansGotGoals
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    edited February 2017
    OMG!!! #SexybySummer I'm in!! I live in the south so this needs to happen soooon!!

    Anyone can add me. I love to motivate and be motivated & inspired!!

    #NoExcuses #WeGotGoals
  • treehugnmama
    treehugnmama Posts: 816 Member
    I'm in may makes a year at this for me down 65 lbs and 27 more to Wonderland....I'm so getting there for summer!!
  • lgibbons92
    lgibbons92 Posts: 14 Member
    Always a good goal! This year I'm taking that goal seriously though so I'm in!
  • abigailhe
    abigailhe Posts: 28 Member
    Sign me up! I need some extra motivation! :-P I'm looking to lose about fifty pound by September. Ten at a time.
  • Ant488
    Ant488 Posts: 372 Member
    Add me!
  • skinny12bitch
    skinny12bitch Posts: 8 Member
    I'm in too...need to lose about 45 lbs
  • imbodiva
    imbodiva Posts: 1 Member
    Add me, please! I would love to drop 15 by summer!! I dropped 10lb last summer, but gained it all back +some over the winter. Need some motivation to stay the course.
  • I'm in! Husband just got him and I the garmin we've been working our butts off this last week!
  • happysherri
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    Still kept off the 1 pound I lost and 1% body fat while taking 5 days off from the gym. I'm back at it tomorrow. Happy Thursday
  • kennycbaker
    kennycbaker Posts: 13 Member
    At ~230 need to get to 190, so why not!
  • UnicornAmandaPanda
    UnicornAmandaPanda Posts: 161 Member
    2 kids here! Lost 40 but have 20 more to lose by summer
  • leonardosmom
    leonardosmom Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in! Please add me! Have lost 5 pounds this month and would love to lose another 20 by June!
  • BabeMeister83
    BabeMeister83 Posts: 56 Member
    Count me in! I would love to lose 30 to 40 pounds by then..
  • sambosmitty
    sambosmitty Posts: 39 Member
    Glad to see all the responses!
  • treehugnmama
    treehugnmama Posts: 816 Member
    I've been slacking on the steps and water(I was sick) so today it's time to up them both!!
  • I'm in and ready to lend support. My goal is 10 pounds by June 1. It doesn't sound like much, but trust me, these last 10 have been terribly stubborn. Some extra help in my corner will be so welcome!