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End of the world...What would you do?

tlwkrw2011tlwkrw2011 Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
I would spend all the time I can with my family and friends. Have a super huge party and go out in


  • MotorsheenMotorsheen Posts: 14,609Member Member Posts: 14,609Member Member
    seven state crime spree
  • Lipstick_n_lungesLipstick_n_lunges Posts: 1,201Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,201Member, Premium Member
    Nothing different than usual, live all the days like they're your last
    edited February 2017
  • BeardSense2017BeardSense2017 Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    Load up and head to the bunker B)
  • jenneemallyjenneemally Posts: 50Member Member Posts: 50Member Member
    Eat all the food , drink all the spirits, dance the night away!
  • Vikka_VVikka_V Posts: 8,046Member Member Posts: 8,046Member Member
    Nothing different than usual, live all the days like they're your last

    kinda my philosophy too
  • tlwkrw2011tlwkrw2011 Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    I like it people! Add me. Let's be frens!!!!!!
  • breannemarie1993breannemarie1993 Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
    I would literally eat and drink until my stomach explodes or something
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Posts: 11,863Member Member Posts: 11,863Member Member
    Don't spend my time worrying about it. Not going to end in my lifetime and if it does it will be something catastrophic and swift. So, I spend my time with my family enjoying the time I have left.
  • LounmounLounmoun Posts: 8,433Member Member Posts: 8,433Member Member
    How far in advance do I know the world is ending? A few minutes, days, a year, a decade? Kind of makes a difference.
    I'd probably just want to be with the people I love in the final hours.
    But if there was time then probably travel.
  • UltimateTrashBaeUltimateTrashBae Posts: 181Member Member Posts: 181Member Member
  • briansolomon7863briansolomon7863 Posts: 359Member Member Posts: 359Member Member
    I think it depends on the type of ending the world is having. Say we are going into a zombie apocalypse. I would gather up my guns, stores, family, friends, etc… and do my part in killing some zombies. If I turn into a zombie myself, I wouldn’t really care, at least then I would be on the winning team!

    Big rocking flying through space going to hit the earth? I think I would just chill then. First, I would call in sick to work—just in case the rock missed us--- and yes my boss would expect me to come into work at the end of the world. Then hang out with the family and maybe watch a little TV; probably Phineas and Ferb because the kids would want to watch too and that is a show we can all agree upon.

    Lots of volcanic eruptions? I’ve never really thought about that. Those volcanos really put a lot of crap in the air, so I guess suffocation or poisoning is what I would have to worry about. I don’t really live in an area where there is any volcanic activity or even any mountains so I don’t think I would be worried about lava. I guess I would run down to the local hardware store and get some of those masks one uses when working with dangerous chemicals. Sure, the “volcanic winter” would probably get me too but until then, I could snow shoe in the ash and snow, x-country ski and go sledding in that same mess too. Eventually death would come, but we have plenty of stores and could make the best of it after a while.

    Nuclear war, I could not survive that where I live now. I think, if the government decided to actually warn the people, we would have about 20 minutes before the bombs would hit. Maybe more depending on where you live. I think this would be similar to getting hit with a killer rock from space (that just sounds better than asteroid).
    Alien invasion, well, I’ve seen enough TV and movies and read enough books to know I would survive for a bit. I’d just have to make it fun while it lasted and work on the aliens the same way I would work on the zombies.
  • WickglamgirlWickglamgirl Posts: 75Member, Premium Member Posts: 75Member, Premium Member
    well, I wouldn't be posting in MFP ! - LOL. Like a lot of people here say - I would be with family and close friends. We would enjoy each other and eat and drink well. Which is why I'm here in the first - I eat and drink well too much! Not a topic I really like to think about it. I think that IF and WHEN that day happens, we wouldn't even know what hit us. :(
  • _BrewingAZ__BrewingAZ_ Posts: 252Member, Premium Member Posts: 252Member, Premium Member
    Probably just be banging my wife for one last romp-a-roo.
  • kaizakukaizaku Posts: 1,028Member Member Posts: 1,028Member Member
    Probably turn into a house B!tch and never step out. Just watch the news, see people going crazy whilst I eat popcorn lol
  • DeficitDuchessDeficitDuchess Posts: 3,102Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,102Member, Premium Member
    Poop & puke at, the same time! Oh wait, I just did that; an hour ago & the world, hasn't ceased yet but being, sick makes mine seem; as if it has!
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