How many people incorporate sweets into their diet?



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    Hard to give a proper answer. I eat sweet foods every day, usually fruit, but lots of other foods taste sweet too; sometimes in the form of hot cocoa or a banana smoothie; every other Saturday I have pancakes with sweet fillings for dinner; I occasionally mix peanuts and sesame seeds with honey; or eat frozen (and thawed) berries with sugar; rice pudding has added sugar; Greek yogurt with nuts and honey or maple syrup; fruit flavored yogurt is sweet; I will make a pie occasionally; all these things are part of my everyday diet. I rarely eat store bought sweets, I like to keep that to special occasions - it boils down to that I eat it when offered, but I don't buy it. I will eat anything I like when I'm out, but I do that when I'm at home, too, so there isn't really any clear separation in my head anymore.
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    alid8333 wrote: »
    Just curious how many people incorporate sweets into their diet? I make sure I have at least 150 to 200 calories a day set back for something sweet.

    Not deliberately, but if I have any I record them on my chart as well, so they're counted as part of the total calorie intake.
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    kimny72 wrote: »
    Yes, except for days I save those calories for alcohol :wink:

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    I eat crisps every day and chocolate spread every now and then. I don't actually crave junk much, and if I really do then I just work it into my allowance.
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    Yep I do. Although I'm very good and have malteasers so at least they aren't too calorie heavy. lol. I also have to buy the fun size packs as if you leave an open pack next to me... I have to pre-portion anything else and have them at the end of the day after my tea.
    If it fits in my calories then why make myself miserable by not having them is my thinking.
    I'm now off to have some birthday cake :) Thats what I love about MFP rather than other weigh loss methods. I just don't feel guilty about enjoying things in moderation.
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    I don't, not really a sweet tooth. I'd rather save it for booze ^^
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    My coffee this morning has a tablespoon of sugar in it too.

    If I didn't have flexibility I would have a hard time. I need my sweet treats. I'm working on getting used to lower sodium doctor ordered, then I'll work on my sugar. One thing at a time.
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    Very sparingly but I don't have a sweet tooth like some do. A single serving of halo top and a pack of 100 cal cookies mixed in is plenty for me once in a while. I did home make some small cupcakes last week and they were about 150 cals each. 200 cals on sweets is a treat and probably about as much as I'd do, and certainly not every day.
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    I try not to eat sweets often, and when I do I try to make then refined flour,starch free, as well as sugar free. I like the taste of sweet but I do not like what sugary sweets do to my health.
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    Oh absolutely. I have the greatest respect for those that can completely cut out sweets - but I make sure there's room for a little cookie and a glass of milk at some point in my day. If I don't want it, I don't eat it, but having the choice is important to me :smile:
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    I don't save calories, I just account for whatever I do eat and make sure I adjust through the day if I eat something that's high calories.

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    I'm eating less baked goods these days and more fruit, which is lower calorie.

    I have strawberries and bananas with other ingredients in my breakfast smoothie, chocolate after dinner, and blueberries and raspberries with my oats and yogurt bedtime snack.
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    I don't put aside foods for sweets, necessarily. I just have a rhythm going that leaves about 200 calories for something extra whether it's a cookie or a quesidilla.
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    I have fruit every afternoon, and dessert every night.

    ETA: I have to leave slightly more than 150-200 calories for dessert... :blush:

    Haha nothing wrong with that! ;)

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    I eat what I like, which definitely includes sweet stuff. I eat dessert most every night, of some kind, usually chocolate. I dont usually prelog, but I do have it in mind.
    There is no bad food by itself, just "too much food" is bad. Moderation in all things. Im not going to skip certain categories of food (that I like), because eventually I will expect to go back to it, and I dont want that to undo what Im doing. In the end maintenance should be the same as what I eat now, just hopefully a little more of it.

    I don't prelog either, I just aim to have 200 calories for a snack at night if I want it. But I agree with you on the "to much food" I'm glad that so many people still carry on to have their little indulgences in moderation.

    What's crazy is I eat more throughout the day now than before I went on my diet. I would eat maybe twice a day but those meals were high calories.

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    apullum wrote: »
    I budget for chocolate every day.

    Me too!

    I eat 200 calories of m&ms every night and usually a cookie after lunch. Lost 90 lbs. I'm calling it the m&m diet, I may write a book.

    That's amazing congrats on your weight loss! I have m&m's at home right now. I haven't opened the bag yet but I'm sure I will make my way to them lol
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    Since I hit my goal weight, I incorporate "treats" into my diet and routine. Treats are anything that's throw away calories. Generally I want homemade or super-special sort of things for treats - I want them to be worth it. Every once in a while a "treat" is complete garbage calories like a Burger King A-! Baconator Burger. Sometimes it's Ben and Jerry's. Usually it's a homemade treat - like Cheesecake made from scratch :smile:

    I keep my treats max 200 calories. No fast food etc. Prime Rib is my favorite food, but with it being around 800 or more calories it's completely off limits for now.

    First thing I will do when I hit my goal weight will be to treat myself to a Prime Rib haha!