I hit 95 pounds lost in under a year :o



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    Congratulations on this major loss! I would also love to see the pics.
  • 50weekstogo
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    I would love to see as well. Thanks for the inspiration
  • rustychord
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    That is a great accomplishment!
  • melissawill2017
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    I would love to have that kind of success! Thanks for sharing your stats and progress, that amount of weight loss in a year is very inspiring!
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    oh gosh so many people...i tried to send to everyon sorry if i missed any i forgot who all i sent to already :/ Thanks guys! Send me a message if you still wanna see, I didnt mean to forget you its just hard to sort lol
  • nicolepburgess91
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    Would love to see the time line pics!! I'm similar height and need the inspiration
  • solieco1
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    Tried to send message but couldn't for some reason I'd like to see the pics too :) Motivation!
  • Theo166
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    You're my hero, I'm targeting 100 off this year through diet!
  • kmg3614
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    I would love some tips... I'm currently 208 and want to be about 135, I'm 5'2. I'm curious about your calorie settings, and any other tips you have.. :)
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    Me me me please!!!
  • motivatedsister
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    Would love to see your results! Tried sending a PM but it wouldn't work.
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    I would love to see your results and congratulations on your success you are an inspiration.
  • Seattleovercast
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    I would like to see! Your figure looks amazing in your icon!
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    I would love to see as well. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!
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    I'd love to see too!
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    I'd love to see - tried sending you a message but MFP won't let me, some error on the page...
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    Would love to see, I have the same starting stats as you and just started 2 weeks ago. Feels like visual results are still really far away.
  • LJRohrbach
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    I'm just getting started and would LOVE to see your pictures and timeline. What you've done is very inspiring!!
  • jujubeans1974
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    Congratulations on your success !!! I would love to see
  • tmetoyer123
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    I'd like to see them as well