Too fat to EVER get pregnant?



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    I believe that if you want a healthy baby its wise to loose weight if the doctor is concerned. My doctor warning me that gaining more than 35lbs during pregnancy would directly hurt my baby for the rest of his life. So the doctor is right by being concerned. However, if you loose only 50lbs and are still considered obese, yet your eating healthy and staying very active I see no issue in getting pregnant. The effect will be positive on the baby regardless of your size plus you will not gain weight during pregnancy because you will still be loosing weight. My doctor would set heavier girls on diets and exercise regimines to keep their body and babies healthy. He was very sucessful. I think your doctor is absolutely CRAZY for saying you should get surgery!!!! That would still mean your body is unhealthy REGARDLESS of your appearance, which is still bad for the baby. Your goal is not to get pregnant, its to have a healthy baby.
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    plenty of obese women get pregnant all the time without any issue. however, being severely overweight while being pregnant can (and often does) create issues for mom and baby... which can result in a high risk pregnancy. i do know that being super overweight can throw off a woman's cycle, and i've heard that women who have had this issue were able to get regular again once losing some weight. so, that's step one. focus on dropping the weight with the goal of getting your body regular, and as healthy as possible for a little person to grow in. that way, you CAN go back to that gyno if it still doesnt happen and he wouldn't be able to give you that ind of response again. it's a little nuts to me that he was pushing surgery so hard before something natural... i feel like him saying something like, "your weight could be a primary reason as to why you aren't getting pregnant. let's work on that first... come back to me in 6 months for a re-visit and we'll go from there." i mean, sometimes tough love is necessary but goodness gracious! throwing weightloss surgery at you like that is extreme! you've lost the weight before, girl, and you can do it again! ESPECIALLY since you have such an amazing reason to!! good luck, sweetie.
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    Yeah, dont do surgery! Go natural. And ignore his advice, even if your still obese after loosing 50lbs you can continue the healthy path during pregnancy, still loose weight and STILL HAVE A HEALTHY BABY
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    PatriNina wrote: »
    Sorry if I repeat anything that's been said, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in.
    First of all OP, I sincerely hope you changed doctors.
    Second, are you on birth control pills?
    Third, have you had a complete blood work up and discussed/ been diagnosed with PCOS?
    I am 37 years old, and I'm just now being diagnosed with PCOS, which explains why I got pregnant on 3 separate occasions while on birth control pills.
    Google the symptoms, and if you feel like you have them, discuss it with your (hopefully new) doctor.


    1. Going to find a new doctor.
    2. I've never taken birth control pills.
    3. I've done quite a bit of research on PCOS, but I haven't been diagnosed (or tested - on the count of being "too fat to consider other ailments").

    I plan on getting my weight down, and go back to a dr.'s office being considerably lighter, in order to avoid this type of experience again.

    Please don't make seeing a doctor contingent on getting your weight down - find a doctor who can take more than three minutes to talk to you, who understands what's fact and what's myth, and is NOT taking kickbacks from a bariatric surgeon. A doctor who knows, for example, that PCOS can cause obesity, rather than the other way around.

    But don't wait for weight loss to see a doctor, okay? Many women do that, and it's a vicious cycle:

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    It is NOT impossible!

    I fell pregnant with my son when I was about 300lbs and neither my midwife nor consultant were overly concerned by my weight.

    Now, I'm not saying it is the ideal thing, to fall pregnant while obese, however, it does not mean you can't have a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

    Unfortunately my son was born sleeping in September 2016 when I was 7 months pregnant, it was however due to something genetic and NOTHING to do with my weight, it would have happened if I was 100 or 1,000 lbs!

    I am back here now as I want to be in a better place with my weight before I consider another child. It is a possibility we will need to have IVF for genetic reasons therefore I need to lose weight for this to be an option.

    I wish you all the best, please feel free to get in contact if you would like to talk further x