Help! Must lose 10 pounds in one month!

I have successfully lost about 10 pounds within 2 months. But the last 2 months my weight stabilized! I need 10 pounds or at least 5 pounds within the next month. What do I do!??


  • RelCanonical
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    What is happening that requires you to need to lose the weight?
  • ShrinkingViolet1982
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    What did you do last time? You say you have done it before, and 10 pounds in 2 months = 5 pounds in 1 month, your minimum. Go with what works for you.
  • Kimo159
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    Hate to break it to you but unless you have a LOT of weight to lose 10 lbs in a month is likely not happening. Most people will healthily lose weight in the .5-1.5 lb per week range.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    If it's for an event/outfit - find a flattering outfit, consider shapewear, and nobody is gonna care or know how much you weigh.
  • CoachJen71
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    Bodies do not drop weight for an arbitrary timeline. :(

    Down 140lbs: My story.
  • strebor337
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    Pick your favorite leg...