My not so positive side effects of massive weight loss.



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    I'm sorry you're experiencing some "not so positive effects of massive weight loss." Not everyone will experience the effects of weight loss in the same ways. My 2 cents: If you see yourself behaving in a negative manner, making questionable decisions, (etc.)...Make a conscious decision to change! You may accomplish this in much the same way as when you made the conscious decision to lose the excess weight. Whining about it and continuing to behave in a way you don't like isn't helping you or anyone that HAS to be around you. Good luck!
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    I agree regarding troll. I especially don't believe the part about bringing in so much business the firm can't handle the influx. Sounds like a load of stuff to me.
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    Absolutely 100% agree with folks saying this is a troll post. So hard to bite my lip, but if I post what I think, I'm the one who gets reprimanded.
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    Good luck. I mean that.
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    The community policy forbids me from giving my honest reply to this.

    ^^^^this also
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    Someone (several someones, its a massive thread) in the thread pointed out that losing weight will NOT solve all your problems. It may just reveal more.

    Losing weight is a physical change in our bodies.
    Your own psychological and personality issues that may be a response to change are a totally different thing that everyone has to deal with sooner or later, because the only thing that never changes, is change.

    Most people choose to face the new challenges or problems rather than the ones they were facing due to being overweight.