Are you a narcissistic person?

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A few years ago I went through an extremely narcissistic phase where I lost weight, loved selfies, looked damn sexy and was generally happy so long as I was getting attention...

These days, i'm almost the polar opposite. I'm still in okay shape, hate selfies, potentially still sexy :lol: and generally happy, though I miss being cut, fast and getting all the good kinds of attention?

Does this make me a self loathing narcissist?


  • Just_J_Now
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    Narcissism is VERY unattractive. I understand wanting to look your very best and enjoying some attention. You can do that and still NOT be a narcissist. Humility is WAY more attractive than being arrogant and full of yourself. That's just my 2 cents.
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    Do you deem a lot about yourself through the validation others gives you? Answer this question and you have your answer.
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    In my 20's yes. Lol, came with the territory as a body builder. Today, not so much. I just want to feel well at my age.

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    I wouldn't say that I am so much a narcissist, as just a ridiculously selfish and self-centered half of a psychological narcissist, I guess.
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    From my POV, everyone is narcissistic. It's necessary for survival.
  • MrStabbems
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    Only when its about me, which it almost inevitably is....because i'm awesome.
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    i cant tell from your profile photo

    That was what I thought was my narcissistic days on the left (I had dropped from 26.5%BF to 7% and was proud) and more presently at about 22% on the right.
  • Dazzler21
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    RoxieDawn wrote: »
    Do you deem a lot about yourself through the validation others gives you? Answer this question and you have your answer.

    Doesn't everyone worry about others thoughts?
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    I think I'm pretty awesome. And I don't care if anyone disagrees. That might qualify me as a narcissist but I've spent many years on the other side of the fence hating myself so if that's what people want to think then by all means do so. Loving yourself is healthy.

    I think this is my problem... Knowing the difference between loving oneself and the fruits of labour OR being a narcissist. I don't think I'm arrogant or full of myself because I see all my flaws and there are many so maybe I'm just a little lost in what I was then to where I am now.

    I don't think having taken the time away to read up Narcissistic Personality Syndrome that it was necessarily narcissism... More just proud of my hard works results.
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    If I had an amazing body, was hung or skilled like a porn star, rich or successful, or famous like a rock star I would totally be a d-bag narcissist. I believe that my blessing for better humility and being able to focus on other people beside myself is being the epitome of average in all regards. Happily so...
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    We all are attention hos. Why else be on this site. Duh.
    ^^^^shes right you know
    From my POV, everyone is narcissistic. It's necessary for survival.
    ^^^^don't necessarily agree but if you don't think you're a badass why try?
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    up to this point, i've never started a thread on chit-chat about my qualities. so, no, not yet. but i'm working on it.
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    MeganAM89 wrote: »
    We all are attention hos. Why else be on this site. Duh.

    I can't tell if you're joking, but I kind of agree with this.

    I mean, look at how many posts are in the selfie thread. I don't care what anyone says, if you post in there you want attention. I think there's nothing wrong with that, obviously, since I've posted in there before, but come on. If you post something of yourself anywhere you want attention from it.

    I realize that doesn't make any of us full-blown narcissists who get gratification from their own appearance, but I do think more of us (than a lot of us would care to admit) are vain attention-seekers.

    I was only partially joking. Some call it motivation some call it attention, but even closing your diary for the day is an attention seeking act. Not saying there's anything wrong with it. But if it was just for yourself, you wouldn't even close it.
    Attention is a good motivator for most people.
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    Everyone likes getting attention.. Be proud of what you accomplish, and sometimes you just gotta flaunt it!!! I love it when I get dressed up in a nice suit and head out to dinner or a function.. Makes ya feel good about yourself!!! :smile: (I feel kinda James Bond-ish) lol
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    Contrary to popular belief, true narcissists have a lack of self love. Which is why they need the attention from others so much. It's the opposite of codependent, which interestingly enough is also someone with a lack of self love...just a different coping mechanism. I'm definitely more on the codepdent side of the bar. Which most people think means you aren't independent...which is absolutely not true. You are actually usually more independent. The difference is codependents GIVE to feel important and narcissists TAKE to feel important. Ideally we should be able to love ourselves and fit somewhere in the middle of those two.

    Talking about taking selfies and caring about how you look...I don't think that equals narcissistic. Maybe vain...but who isn't lol
  • TheRoadDog
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    Very few people do anything for a totally unselfish reason. Think about it.

    Almost everything I (and others) do is for a self reward.

    If you can name something you do that is totally unselfish, I'd love to hear about it.
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    newmeadow wrote: »
    What you're describing is run-of-the-mill vanity. It's often transitory and situational. Narcissism is related to personality disorder. It's deeper, darker and almost always a permanent fixture in the character.

    This is more or less what I was going to say, but you said it so clearly. You and I can be friends.