Post here if you want more friends!



  • _BrewingAZ_
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    Sure! I'll be happy to have more friends!
  • carterjessica899
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    Hey guys! I'm new here feel free to add me, I need some friends :smile:
  • Macgeek74
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    I just got back on here so I could use some new friends.
  • Tcrot75
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    edited May 2017
    So far I've lost 135 lbs and have 15 lbs to go. Anyone want to talk about diets, lifting weights, or want to workout hmu
  • Kimberly_Pena
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    Add me everyone! :smiley:
  • gagejosh7
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    Hey guys! I'm new here, would love to have some friends for motivation :smile:
  • clockworkkitten
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    Newbie here! Come say hello :smile:
  • mightyminerva
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    Today is my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on MFP. I'm down 74 pounds (about 30 to go) after some injury and health setbacks, but I'm ready to whip everything back into shape! Please do add me.
  • SkiGeek
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    feel free to add me! Mom of a 5 years old, downhill skiing junky from the area of Montréal
  • jhamweight473
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    I would like some friends to join me on this journey. :smile:
  • RBeef
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    Feel free to add me!
  • cfg1026
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    daddyfitt1 wrote: »

    Hi, Im Carina, Im a college student, majoring in Nursing, 5'1, 20 years old, and 141 lbs..I would like to have more friends to keep me motivated..
  • mrslanakane007
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    me me me
  • N0easyway0ut
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    Add away - open diary and long time logger! :)
  • rArmantas
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    Add for motivation :) here for community purposes
  • CurlnQT
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    Friends please!
  • jesusx3g13
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    Hi everyone Im back on here after several attempts and about 45 lbs lighter to finally get fit.

    Im in need of some motivation, feel free to add me.
  • mary101234
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    Feel free to add me I'm an active user
  • _LadyMarie
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    28 (in 8 days), 50lbs down, seeing others succeed helps me succeed, add if you'd like