Dieting vs. exercising?

I've heard that if you reduce your caloric intake, your body goes into starvation mode (something like that) so you end up gaining weight instead of losing weight. Does anyone know if this is true? Do you have to exercise in order to lose weight?


  • KylaBlaze
    KylaBlaze Posts: 136 Member
    Yes it's true and yes you need to exercise if you want to continue to lose weight and tone.
  • Rufftimes
    Rufftimes Posts: 349 Member
    The problem I have with that is it rarely works.....I was obese. Not morbidly obese, but obese by definition. And telling an obese person to just keep eating whatever they want, "but just eat less" is a recipe for disaster. Until I actually made healthy changes to my diet, I'd drop a few lbs, then gain it back and a few more. I'm sorry if I offended everyone, but I stand by my statement.....not all foods are equal. Have a good evening!