As a truck driver I lost 189 pounds using the app

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I started out on this journey in February 2014. I was weighing very close to 400 pounds. I was a size 54 waist and they were tight. 3x shirt needing a 4x. Every meal at the time was causing chest pains. Constant acid reflux. Multiple other issues. Now today. 197 pounds. Size large shirt. Waist 36. Sure I get hangry at times. But the food I eat is to live. I used no surgeries. No magical pill. Hell I haven't even worked out til a month ago. All I did was be honest with myself when I started the app My Fitness pal. I gave it a honest shot. It didn't even start out as diet, but, as a watch what I'm eating thing. My wife saved my life. 10 thousand million thank yous to her. And Thanks to the creators of my fitness pal. I will continue to use the app to maintain weight but as of now I'm officially done losing weight. And thank you all for your support and kind words of encouragement through the years. Anyone wanting to lose, I'll help you. I did it as a trucker in the oilfield eating truckstop foods. Weight loss can be achieved. Get your head in the game is all I can really say. Thanks again God Bless


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    Not sure how to post pics
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    WTG!!!!! You are AWESOME!
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    You're an inspiration! Must have taken so much will power. Well done!!
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    Congratulatios, you look fantastic!
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    Congratulations!!! You didn't let your circumstances of literally sitting all day stop you from losing weight. You are the definition of discipline and consistency.
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    What a great testament! I want to know your truck stop tips. What is your favourite meal today?
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    This is amazing. What was the reaction of your colleagues?
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    That was a really inspirational journey. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)
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    Fantastic. Well done
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    MFP Rockstar! B)
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    Good job bro
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    Well done, fabulous loss x
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    Fabulous!!! Losing weight while on the road?? Most would say impossible, but you've proved that sentiment wrong!

    In answer to your question about posting pics:
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    What was your calorie range
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    Thanks again. And when I initially began my bmr was almost 4700 calories