Women over 40 ..

If this is still an active chat. ADD ME PLEASE. I need more support and motivation before it's lost again!! Let's help eachother and rock this once and for all :) Whose in ?


  • 2Luverly
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    I will add you both.
  • kateland
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    Added all three of you ;)
  • LotusCass
    LotusCass Posts: 145 Member
    Me too please
  • crispaholicshaz
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    Add me please.... I am getting married next year, got my eye on a dress but need to get alittle smaller to fit.. need all the support & encouargement i can get.. cant figure out how to add people on here myself..
  • dawnellemom
    dawnellemom Posts: 76 Member
    I'd love to be added also!
  • bumble573
    bumble573 Posts: 16 Member
    Me too. I need more support and motivation!
  • huggiespice
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    Hi! Please add me.
  • jacquelinelail
    jacquelinelail Posts: 6 Member
    Hello, please add me to the list, I'm on day 6 of my uphill battle.
  • christinecameron901
    christinecameron901 Posts: 31 Member
    Hi,everyone.. I am new here.I am finding tracking my calories and keeping active each day working. :)
  • shonat11
    shonat11 Posts: 170 Member
    Add me too please!
    Looking for mutual supportsupport and motivation. I'm 48 and NEED to get healthy
  • Monman45
    Monman45 Posts: 4 Member
    Add me also.. I feel like I'm on a yo yo and need this group lol I just turned 47 and want to lose 40lbs to get back to my healthy self.
  • Roobyzooby
    Roobyzooby Posts: 189 Member
    Add me too, almost at the end of my weight loss journey, but still need like minded 40 + ladies to keep me focused, I'm 46.
  • rachel112211
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    Hi everybody, please add me too. I'll be 44 at the end of the month. I started MFP again 2 weeks ago, was feeling optimistic, I need to lose between 11 to 17 lbs. This weekend I've overeaten, had wine and no exercise. Now I am feeling down, so need motivation as well to make sure I'll go back on the right track from Monday!
  • Cat6808
    Cat6808 Posts: 3 Member
    Add me pls. Need to tone and fit into my clothes
  • Hopeful2BHere
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    Would love to be a part of this as well. Feel free to add me. Support to and from like-minded friends makes an enormous difference.
  • smithpatricia592
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