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Any Coffee ideas?

AshFace22AshFace22 Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
Hello all! I have a quick question. I'm a huge coffee lover, but because budget is tight, I make my coffee at home. It's cheaper to do so vs grab a cup every single day. Well, I found myself in a situation where I was with some friends and we all happened to go out for some coffee. I don't usually go out for coffee, I mean, I did when I was heavier and ordered stuff like frappuccinos and really sugary coffee. Anyway, I was out and over analyzed the menu a billion times and after 5 or 6 minutes of going "uhh... uh..." I just had no idea what to order. It was embarrassing and I hated keeping my friends waiting on me. Life happens, and some days, you find yourself out and about with friends, but that doesn't mean I still can't stick to my regimen. So my question to you guys would be; What's a good and healthy cup of coffee to drink at places like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? I'm down for ANY coffee, whether it be cold, cappuccinos, hot, ect, I just want it to be no more than 100 calories. What are some good suggestions? Any other restaurants that serve coffee (Ie, Panera, McDonalds) would be helpful suggestions too. What are the calories on those? What do you guys get? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • vnb_208vnb_208 Member Posts: 1,357 Member Member Posts: 1,357 Member
    Iced black/Hot black 2 splenda & unsweetened from Starbucks/Dunkin/McDonald's coconut or caramel (rare i get a flavor shot but sometimes I splurge 10-30 cal for unsweented shots). If i have extra calories I get the Starbucks Tall Cinnamon Dolce Light Frappuccino nonfat milk: Calories 110 Sodium 160 mg Total Fat 0 g Potassium 0 mg Saturated 0 g Total Carbs 24g
    Sugars 24 g Protein 3 g

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  • annacole94annacole94 Member Posts: 997 Member Member Posts: 997 Member
    McDonald's and Tim Horton's in the summer I order iced coffee, no "base" or "liquid sugar". With cream is about 80 calories, or with milk is about 20 calories for a small.

    Starbucks I usually just get a drip coffee and add a bit of milk. Here's a list of drinks under 200 cal:
    For under 100: tall nonfat latte, tall nonfat cappuccino, tall skinny vanilla latte, tall iced skinny latte.
  • TheCupcakeCounterTheCupcakeCounter Member Posts: 606 Member Member Posts: 606 Member
    The Starbucks Toasted Coconut Milk Cold Brew is 80 cals for a Venti
    Iced Coffee with 1 pump flavor shot and half and half comes in about 60 cals
    Skinny Vanilla Latte is about 100 cals
  • watts6151watts6151 Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member
    Hazelnut or caramel coffee
    Black with sweetener is only 2-3 cals
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,676 Member Member Posts: 39,676 Member
    I like a good cappuccino now and then...otherwise I typically just take my coffee black. There's nothing like a good quality coffee as is.
  • Goober1142Goober1142 Member Posts: 219 Member Member Posts: 219 Member
    Grande skinny mocha for 140. It's 9 grams of protein so I count it for half my lunch!
  • anglyn1anglyn1 Member Posts: 1,699 Member Member Posts: 1,699 Member
    Starbucks: Iced Americano w/ cream
    Dunkin: Iced dark roast w/ cream
    McDonalds: I just get a hot coffee with cream because I can't get them to give me iced without sugar on the first try no matter what I say or do.

    You can add sugar free flavorings at all these places if you are into those.
  • dfwesqdfwesq Member Posts: 592 Member Member Posts: 592 Member
    You could ask for a nonfat cafe au lait (Starbucks calls it a caffe misto). It's regular brewed coffee with steamed nonfat milk. The steaming process seems to make the milk taste richer. It's similar to a latte, but costs less and has less milk in it. You can add whatever kind of sweetener or sugar-free syrups you want. A "grande" at Starbucks has about 70 calories, plus the calories from whatever sweeteners you add.
  • enterdangerenterdanger Member Posts: 2,445 Member Member Posts: 2,445 Member
    we just got a starbucks in my office building. It's our cafeteria. I've been trying to avoid going in there. Yesterday, I forgot my lunch and bought a sandwich and a latte....It was $10. Too rich for my blood. K-cups it is.
  • reyoflightphotoreyoflightphoto Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    Skinny vanilla latte. A vente is 150cal and 15 g of protein!
  • JeepHair77JeepHair77 Member Posts: 1,291 Member Member Posts: 1,291 Member
    I just get plain coffee and add a little bit of milk (usually 2%, but I'll use whatever they've got) and a Splenda. It's probably between 25-50 calories, depending on what type of milk they've got and how "off" my estimate is. I'm good with that.

    Also, a short, non-fat flat white is 60 calories at Starbucks. That's a more "fun" order.
  • MarissaCVTMarissaCVT Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I usually order an americano hot or iced with skim milk, a tiny splash of half and half, and splenda.
  • laurenebargarlaurenebargar Member Posts: 1,567 Member Member Posts: 1,567 Member
    Starbucks cold brew, if you get the toasted coconut (which is just coconut milk) its 50 calories.
  • Francl27Francl27 Member Posts: 26,373 Member Member Posts: 26,373 Member
    Black iced or regular black, but I often end up asking for some skim milk on top so I can actually drink it within 15 minutes without burning my mouth.
  • SylviazSpiritSylviazSpirit Member Posts: 694 Member Member Posts: 694 Member
    You can order really anything and get it light or skinny (non fat milk, no whip, sugar free syrup) I love anything caramel or mocha and love when they have their white chocolate.
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  • sgt1372sgt1372 Member Posts: 3,932 Member Member Posts: 3,932 Member
    Just plain black coffee is the solution. Add sweetener/dairy if you must but that just adds unnecessary cals.
  • anaxmannanaxmann Member Posts: 103 Member Member Posts: 103 Member
    I always get an americano with whichever sugar free syrup strikes my fancy, often vanilla because it is all most places have. I usually ask for half syrup, otherwise it is really sweet.
  • kristen8000kristen8000 Member Posts: 747 Member Member Posts: 747 Member
    I'm fond of a Tall Skinny Latte myself once in a while, but I usually just get black coffee and put very little cream in it. I've weened myself off putting any kind of sugar in it.
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