I lost 214 pounds in 16 months....

rccrozier Posts: 23 Member
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....and I feel better now at almost 30 than I did at 18 (top left picture)! No surgery, pills, wraps, or shakes for this girl. Basically I just track literally everything I eat on MyFitnessPal. I've been all over the range of calorie goals, from 1,000 to 1,900. Right now I eat 1,700 calories a day (slowly upping it to maintenance.) I eat a lot of protein and veggies and try to keep the variety wide. I weigh everything on a scale or measure in cups/spoons. I cut out soda and sweet tea cold turkey. I slowly replaced everything possible with sugar free/low calorie versions although if it fits in my day I still splurge on things here and there. If it doesn't fit, I make it a cheat meal, which I allow once a week to once every month. I home cook 90% of my meals from scratch and love recipes from facebook pages Skinnytaste, Emily Bites, and Cooking Light to name a few. Feel free to add me on MFP as my diary is open [edited by mods].



  • Congratulations, well done
  • _mglo_
    _mglo_ Posts: 31 Member
    Wow. Truly inspirational. I am adding you for Sure!
  • shans34
    shans34 Posts: 535 Member
    Very inspirational! I don't know how to add people on the app but feel free to add me! I can learn from you!
  • tena1028
    tena1028 Posts: 80 Member
    You look marvelous!
  • cbl40
    cbl40 Posts: 281 Member
    Amazing! Bravo!
  • Capergirl11
    Capergirl11 Posts: 28 Member
    Wow congrats to you ☺
  • manderson27
    manderson27 Posts: 3,510 Member
    <3<3<3 Incredible and you look so much younger as well. Truly inspirational and very impressive in such a relativley short time.
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    holy smokes amazing job
  • try2again
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    edited June 2017
    Congratulations! This was amazing to see! You are truly an inspiration, especially to many who come on here afraid of loose skin! Great arms! :)

  • Celticmoon67
    Celticmoon67 Posts: 18 Member
    Congrats to you! Well done, and you are an inspiration.
  • MsEllaTY
    MsEllaTY Posts: 10 Member
    Wow! Good job! That's inspiring :)
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    You are awesome! Extremely impressive!
  • creationscrown
    creationscrown Posts: 298 Member
    Oh my goodness!! You are so amazing!! This can not have been easy, in the beginning for sure! Your arms are so skinny! Major arm envy. Congratulations!!! What an amazing accomplishment.
  • Wantstobefitagain
    Wantstobefitagain Posts: 19 Member
    So amazingly inspirational! Thank you for sharing. You look amazing. You also look very happy. Congratulations!
  • MyLovesMyLife
    MyLovesMyLife Posts: 424 Member
  • tbudro
    tbudro Posts: 27 Member
    I'm on the same Journey. Thank you for posting these pics. It gives me more motivation!
  • CathReese33
    CathReese33 Posts: 112 Member
    Incredible. x
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