Please post your weight loss photos☺ before and after!



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    These are all really great and helping me keep motivated!
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    Nawarti wrote: »

    OOh mama, look at those legs. Great job! You look amazing

    Thank you
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    How tall are you? Great job. Thanks for sharing your story!
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    Started at 314 and now at 167 I've been at it since Jan 2016 and it's been a journey but so worth it ! Never deprive yourself , everything in moderation ! I did give up pop and only drink water and coffee ! I went from a bag of regular chips to a serving size of baked I stayed within calorie goal 90% of the time ! If I had a bad day I refocused and reminded myself why I started ! I had high cholesterol and I know have excellent cholesterol ! I was fat and lazy and sad and I know an average and happy with who I am ! I have some flab but I can handle flab over fat ! Good luck on your new lifestyle change !

    You look amazing girl! Well done.
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    157 Pounds lost


    Amazing transformation!!! Great job!

    You can be so proud of what you have achieved, well done, truly is inspiring!
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    @mpost12590 Most excellent!!
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    @mpost12590 Most excellent!!
    Thank you
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    225lbs - 146lbs

    I love how you're wearing the same clothes and you can see how it's falling off of you... great job!

    I was throwing away old clothes the other day and couldn't resist snapping a pic before I threw it away haha
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    157 Pounds lost


    Awesome job. You look much better, cheers!
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    Um, that's pretty much what this whole Success Stories forum is about. Browse through some existing threads and you'll see lots of amazing stories!