Post here if you want more friends!



  • taughc
    taughc Posts: 17 Member
    Please feel free to add! I keep an open diary :)

    I log and interact with those on my friends list daily. I'm here to applaud your accomplishments, encourage you past your not-so-good days, and give recommendation for improvement.

    SW: 148.8
    GW: 125
    CW: 138.8

    My caloric limit is set to 1250. I'm not perfect with it, but I do my best! :)
  • JasonRainboze
    JasonRainboze Posts: 168 Member
    All are welcome:)
  • spatter01
    spatter01 Posts: 10 Member
    New here, getting back on track as of last week. Working it at least 5x a week and logging all my food. Who wants to help me be accountable​? Who needs help?
  • crushingitdaily12345
    crushingitdaily12345 Posts: 577 Member
    Hey people! I love MFP... have been on here for 92 days, and have lost 47 lbs so far... I love this app! Feel free to friend me... 39/m Wisconsin here. :-) Anyone welcome for added inspiration and motivation. :)
  • MichWolverine55
    MichWolverine55 Posts: 10 Member
    As I'm eating a Baconater, I'm thinking I could use some accountability. Haha
  • hancdrew619
    hancdrew619 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me
  • codytheclam
    codytheclam Posts: 25 Member
    Waddup! SoCal here, feel free to add me anyone!
  • JDMac82
    JDMac82 Posts: 3,085 Member
    almost 1200 day streak, active daily, open dairy and workouts posted. Feel free if you want.
  • d_david_o
    d_david_o Posts: 35 Member
    New to the site but plan on sticking around. Feel free to add me if you like, I would appreciate it!
  • AprilShowers514
    AprilShowers514 Posts: 1 Member
    DYING HERE!!!! I can't stand myself. I need motivation. I'm a full time paralegal, mom to two kids (ones a teenager), two dogs, house...I need time for me and I can't seem to make it happen but I know I MUST!! I know I sound like I"m begging, but I'm always good for a pick me up or a chuckle in your day!! What do you have to lose? :)
  • Carl_Carlson
    Carl_Carlson Posts: 86 Member
    Anyone out there retired and an avid road cyclist or into fitness and exercise?

  • J0NSN00W
    J0NSN00W Posts: 2 Member
    Just started here, looking for some motivation! Add me up and we can keep eachother motivated!
  • heydee59
    heydee59 Posts: 4 Member
    Hiii feel free to add me :) Been keeping this up for a few weeks now and I'm seeing results! Let's motivate each otherrrrr
  • Bride2Be2020
    Bride2Be2020 Posts: 3 Member
    Starting back on the fitness journey again looking to lose the rest of the weight I need to get to my goal (I have gained a little over the past several months). Love to chat and always looking to make new friends! Feel free to send me a FR!!
  • Luvmyhubby222
    Luvmyhubby222 Posts: 190 Member
    Back on MFP to drop some weight before my half marathon in the fall. Need some serious *kitten* kicking-add me if you are a daily poster and let's keep each other in line!

    In the sweetest way, of course...;)
  • Smidge22
    Smidge22 Posts: 46 Member
    Please FR me
  • Jedi1989
    Jedi1989 Posts: 22 Member
    Feel free to add me! Would love to have some more friends :)
  • Selina_Kyle_60
    Selina_Kyle_60 Posts: 41 Member
    Yes! Please add me, trust me I need all the help I can get
  • I'm new. Can use all the help I can get
  • lesliecooki6038
    lesliecooki6038 Posts: 15 Member
    Feel free to add me:) new as well