How long have you been on your weight loss journey and how much weight have you lost?



  • TxTiffani
    TxTiffani Posts: 766 Member
    Since Jan 2017 at 152 down 17lbs to 135 with 25 lbs to go til ultimate goal of 110 (I'm 5'1 btw) I could have been way more diligent but I'm super happy with my loss so far as in the past I'd lose 5 gain 6 lose 10 gain 12!
  • jesheckah
    jesheckah Posts: 33 Member
    2 years off and on. 40 that I've kept off, 50 was my highest amount lost. But I fell off the bandwagon, got sick, had lots of stress, and no access to healthy foods for 7 months and only gained back 10 pounds... so I would say the lifestyle change worked. :)
  • road2zion
    road2zion Posts: 27 Member
    153 days and 55.2 pounds down.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,331 Member
    I've been focusing on my weight for nearly 5 years between losing, maintaining, some intentional gains, and one not intentional gain. I am down 54.5 kg (120 pounds) with 30-40 more pounds to go. I'll know when I get there.
  • mhwitt74
    mhwitt74 Posts: 159 Member
    142 days and lost 27 pounds
  • JeromeBarry1
    JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,183 Member
    Almost 17 months, 101 pounds.
  • jacquih2981
    jacquih2981 Posts: 120 Member
    Since 1 May 2017 down 16 pounds
  • peyton80
    peyton80 Posts: 15 Member
    370 days, 79lbs lost. 45-ish to go. I'm hungry. LoL
  • phrobbert
    phrobbert Posts: 47 Member
    Started the weight loss in earnest on March 1st. Down 10kg/22lb at this point.
  • Jimb376mfp
    Jimb376mfp Posts: 5,620 Member
    233 weeks

    Joined WW Jan 2013
    WL by years
    2013 -60
    2014 -32
    2015 -16
    2016 -37
    2017 -21 (age 69)

    SW 376
    CW 209
  • LoveToRead91
    LoveToRead91 Posts: 89 Member
    Started February 2016, lost 50 pounds so far. Taking a bit longer than I wanted/planned, but I'm way happier now and the times going to pass anyways, might as well progress slowly instead of not at all!
  • Sjoerringvej100
    Sjoerringvej100 Posts: 10 Member
    119 days and lost 55lbs i'm 6ft 2inch my starting weight 273lbs now down to 218lbs just by dumping 80% intake of carbs and double my training, I bike 13 mil every day and ind the weekends +30 miles so the FAt came of pounds by pounds, my goal is under 200lbs.
  • victorialrobins
    victorialrobins Posts: 4 Member
    In Feb 2017, I weighed 15 stone 5lbs (215lbs). Lost 1 stone (14lbs) in 2017. In 2018 so far I have lost 4 stones and 8 lbs (or 64lbs). Altogether I've lost 78lbs since my peak weight. Toning and getting lean is my goal now although admittedly my target weight is 126lbs.
    I'm 165cm and CW is 9 stone 11lbs (or 137lbs).
    Would be great to connect to support eachother!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    11 years, 141 lb
  • TooMuchChocolate88
    TooMuchChocolate88 Posts: 43 Member
    edited May 2018
    Let's see, when I was 11 (20lbs), then again when I was 16 (35lbs). Again when I turned 20 (25lbs), Again when I was 23(90lbs). Then 25(70lbs), Now again and I'm almost 30 and I need to lose about 120lbs only I'd like to hope I can change my lifestyle and keep it off this time around. Every time I've lost that weight, i'd keep it off and struggle with doing so for 2-6months, then i'd give up and gain it back rapidly+ more.

    his time I've been on my journey for about a week and I've lost about 1lbs. I know I can lose weight, I've done it so many times before, what scares me is getting to my goal and giving up again.
  • siobhanaoife
    siobhanaoife Posts: 150 Member
    311 days, 142 pounds. Still more to go.
  • jrowden0711
    jrowden0711 Posts: 137 Member
    5 years, off and on. Down 99 lbs.