How to cook boneless chicken breast that's not dried out



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    I tend to like to cook a bunch of chicken breasts in the crock pot. Bone in works best - cover with water, wait 8hrs. Comes off the bone very tender, shreds for use in various dishes.

    You can also put seasonings in the water, which will seep in to the meat while cooking.
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    Learn to cook with high heat and a short amount of time. Pull off the grill a bit early and let it finish with residual heat. I won't bother brining most chicken, though sometimes I do as it allows me to be "lazy". With chicken and pork, I still like to have it a bit pink.
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    Cook chicken thighs instead.
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    The secret is to never overcook it. Buy a meat thermometer and test it, so you can remove before it dries out. My favorite grilling recipe is to marinate it in honey and lime juice, with my favorite spices. Once done to the perfect temperature (thermometer will have a guide on it to tell you temp for chicken), I serve it with a black bean and corn salsa to which I add onion, red bell pepper, and jalapeno. Colorful and flavorful.
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    Marinade in milk.
    I know, sounds weird.
    Take all your spices put it in a baggie and pour milk in it not filled.
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    I swear by dry brining. Just salt the chicken a little heavier than you would normally but do that a few hours prior to cooking or preferably over night. You can rinse or wipe off off excessive salt before cooking. The salt tenderizes the chicken by breaking down the protein. Scientific explanation in link below. Instant read thermometer helps too.
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    Chadxx wrote: »
    As far as grilling, low, slow, spray butter, and do not overcook it and you can keep it good and moist.

    This. I used to have a problem with drying out my grilled chicken. I solved the problem by using far less charcoal and letting it cook slowly.

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    I just bake mine on the middle rack at 400 for 20 minutes or so, depending on size. Spray with Pam, salt, pepper, paprika. Has worked great. Was always dry before at lower heat.
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    Depending on how you want to eat it---if your not stuck on eating a whole intact breast, try an electric pressure cooker! For example, I can make chicken verde with a chicken breast or tenders in less than 10-15 minutes and it is fork shreddable. Same goes for chicken curry, chicken soup, etc. My favorite however is chicken verde--throw some onion, a poblano, a jalapeno, 3-4 diced tomatillos and some spices, cut up a chicken breast or two, and you have chicken for salads, tacos, etc for a few days. Can't beat it as it takes not work, and really little time. The options are endless.
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    jules12121 wrote: »
    I get so bored with chicken and I love it grilled but every time I try to grill they get so dry. Anyone have a good method?

    I used to have so much trouble cooking chicken breast until I tried this recipe. I highly recommend a meat thermometer. Even though this recipe says it's for baked, I use the same tips for grilling. Tender and juicy!

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    Slow cooker with 2 cups chicken broth
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    I tried poached chicken breast a couple times and hammered-out pan cooked chicken. Both ways I wanted to gag. The only method that makes my chicken breast moist and tasty is sous-vide. I cook 3+ breasts each time either fresh or previously frozen is fine. I'll eat those 3 breasts in about 2 days or less.
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    Thaw. Sprinkle with Weber Garlic and Herb spice. Butterfly breast open if large so that thickness is approximately 1/2 inch. Spray George Foreman grill - We have the large red one that can even grill salmon in 2-3 min. It is huge. 5$ new, at Goodwill - spray with olive oil spray and cook until light goes off. This is approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Grills on both sides at once. Test for internal temperature of 160. Temperature will rise internally 5-10 degrees while meat t is resting 5 to 10 minutes. This is the secret to not over cooking and those drying it out

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    Marinate in apple juice for 20 minutes. Just before shoving into the oven, I sprinkle with McCormick's Smokehouse Maple seasoning. As many have mentioned, it's easy to over cook it.
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    Try cooking it on the George foreman! Holds moisture well even after cooked!
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    make sure you are cooking to 165 or 170 tops so it doesn't over cook. Also soak it in water before grilling if it is still coming out dry.
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    I put mine in a ziploc bag with a teasspoon of coconut oil or olive oil, some garlic, some rosemary and thyme, then shake around. I then pan fry them each side for like 20 seconds to brown them, then stick them on a baking tray in oven on max for 20 minutes, and thats it. Take out and tasty and juicy inside every time
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    Olive oil, lemon juice and rosemary makes a nice marinade. Use equal parts olive oil and lemon juice.
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    I'm sure someone will have suggested it already. But, poach in stock. It's tender and you get clear soup too.