Starting Ketogenic Diet



  • brendasbiz
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    I like the 17 day diet. I bought the book and lost 20 lbs on it.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    brendasbiz wrote: »
    I like the 17 day diet. I bought the book and lost 20 lbs on it.

    20lb in 17 days is not healthy a good bit of it will be water weight but not healthy unless you are/were severely obese. weight loss should be no more than 2lbs /per week if you have more than 75lbs to lose.
  • NateTheRower
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    I just started this Monday!
  • LolaDeeDaisy23
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    I have been eating keto for two years :smile: I am currently prepping for my first bodybuilding competition.
    Feel free to add me.
  • cjtl27
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    Goodluck NateThe Rower on your diet!

    Any tips LolaDeeDaisy23? Im just starting out.
  • lisagetslim
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    Hi i am going to start this tomorrow any tips or meal plans any info would be good or what books or information would be the best to follow... a new starter i have 100 lbs to lose thank you :-)
  • shemoves
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    I just started Keto as well! I'm questioning my portion sizes since that is my #1 issue. I overeat. I stay at my caloric limit but I feel like it's a lot of meat I'm eating, :). Day 2~ now. Feel free to add me! I want to do check-ins with friends on here.
  • Rufftimes
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    It will be a lot of meat, and dairy etc. You should feel more full on Keto while eating within the same calorie deficit
  • angelamb1970
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    Feel free to add me. I've been keto since November, nearly 8 months, I've lost only 46 pounds, so pretty slow loser, but at least the scale is going in the right direction. My diary is open to anyone. I've recently switched up macros a bit to overcome a 6 week stall, lowered the fat and raised my protein helped, since I've also increased exercise quite a bit. New macros 85 protein/under 20total carbs/100 or less fat. I'm up to three miles walk daily. I've still got more than 150 pounds to lose, so I'll be here a while
  • Karret9988
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    Hello, I am new here, and started cutting out carbs and sugar for about 5 weeks now. I have been researching the Keto diet (WOE), and find it to be a really good. I have not tracked all that I eat, and I know now that I should because although my blood sugars have gone down tremendously I have not lost any weight. I need to know how much protein/carbs/fat I should be eating per day. I am 5'5", and weigh 178 lbs. and although I am sedentary, I plan on going back to the YMCA and walking on the treadmill. I would do it around my neighborhood, but it's way too hot right now...(I live in Florida). I do walk the neighborhood when it's cloudy, but only walked twice. I admit I am addicted to facebook, and REALLY, REALLY need to occupy my time other than being on there! I have been researching a lot about the keto diet, and getting recipe ideas from all kinds of groups, and on pinterest. I accidentally discovered when I first started looking this up a Doctor Eric Berg who is unbelievably fantastic in explaining this whole way of eating. I've learned more from this man in one week than I ever did in the 16 years being a T2 diabetic! I am currently looking for a new Doctor as the one I have now does not approve of keto, and wants me to eat more fruits and vegetables...Yup that's all I was told to do to lower my A1c which was 9.6 in May. I would love someone to talk with and be able to ask questions with about the ketogenic woe, and would greatly appreciate all the help I can get! My goal is to lose weight, and to get off all of the medications I am on...I currently have to take 50 units twice a day of Insulin...Hate it! So please, if you could help me learn more about this I would be so happy...Thank you!
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    Perhaps consider getting one of those under the desk cycle thingies that you can use to pedal when you are sitting at your desk in front of your computer?

    There really is no "one-size fits all" correct Keto Macro % breakdown; however, that said, many (most) people who follow a Keto WAY usually fall within this range:

    Carbs: 5-15%
    Protein: 10-25%
    Fat: 60-80%

    You may also find that your macro %'s change from time to time (mine changes several times over the course of roughly 3 years).