LOSE 55 POUNDS BY CHRISTMAS!! June - December!! Who's with me??



  • MartiB856
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    Forgot to post yesterday:
    Goal Weight at end of challenge: 150 lbs
    JUNE (goal: 198)
    Jun 1 - 207.2
    Jun 8 - 204.4
    Jun 15 -201.4
    Jun 22 -200.6
    Jun 29 -

    I may not make the 198 goal by the end of June, but I have had a good month.

    Eastern Oregon
  • jlburns2005
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    Starting weight -206
    Xmas goal weight-151
    June 9-206
    June 17-201
    June 24-198.4
  • DoNotSpamMe73
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    I wanna lose 55-75 pounds by Christmas!!! :smiley: and I am curious as to how many people would like that to be their goal for this year!! We are almost to the 6 months until Christmas!!

    Who's with me??? Add me and let's be friends and make this happen! (Name is amanda)

    Damn I'm totally in! I wanna loose as much as I can without putting my body in danger. I started at 90kg, lost 20, gained it back and am losing again towards my ultimate goal of about 60 kilograms.
    Not relevant but I found out that if you have enough calories protein is in pretty much everything. Rice, wheat foods, all carbs as well as the traditional meat, milk etc. So very few diets are truly low in protein. I mean I'm pretty much omnivorous but as a micro-nutrient protein isn't hard to find. Nutrients aren't hard to find, you just have to like where they come from.
    Sorry I've been eating almost exclusively rice this week for the ration challenge and find myself focusing on little things.
  • SparkleBunny_93
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    Hi, I've missed a few weigh ins, but I'm ready to get on board. :) (note, I'm really unreliable for getting on the scales)

    Living with mum and dad for the next 6 weeks, so aiming to stay around the same weight. (I swear they are trying to feed me up before I leave).

    Starting weight was 197 lbs
    Christmas goal is 143 lbs
    Ultimate goal is 119 lbs

    Weigh in #1: 196.5 lbs lost 1/2 lbs

    Feel free to add me as a friend, could do with moral support.
  • ShanikwaFit4Life
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    I'm in! Sw 228
    Current weight 221
    Goal weight 175
  • reatk
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    I've just come across this after starting a couple of weeks ago, would love to join this challenge, what's the process just update here on how we're doing and make ourselves accountable?
  • 2cemgrow
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    I'm in West Virginia.....I have 90-100 pounds to lose and just updated my stats & goals in MFP. Can I still join?
  • pinklife1117
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    I wanna lose 55-75 pounds by Christmas!!! :smiley: and I am curious as to how many people would like that to be their goal for this year!! We are almost to the 6 months until Christmas!!

    Who's with me??? Add me and let's be friends and make this happen! (Name is amanda)

    Count me in!!! I have 23 lbs to lose by November 17th!!!! I added ya as a friend too
  • pinklife1117
    pinklife1117 Posts: 79 Member

    POST YOUR STATE and how much you wanna lose if you haven't already!!!!
    I'm in AZ and am wanting to lose 55 pounds by Christmas!!! Especially for the family Christmas photo!!! :smiley:

    I've lost 100 total or more but 23 since march! Let's do this everyone!!!! Best xmas present to ourselves!!!

  • dnoble18
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    I'm in!
  • epixa28
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    GW by Dec: 144lbs
    June GW: 195
    SW: 199
    6/18: 199
    6/25: 197
    July GW:
  • ajb3218
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    I'm in!
  • 1982Josie
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    Challenge start weight 4th June: 233lb (original start weight 21st May 244lb)
    Challenge goal weight 25th Dec: 178lb (final goal weight 140lb)

    11th June: 232lb -1lb
    18th June: 231lb -1lb
    25th June: 230lb -1lb
    2nd July: ?
    9th July: ?
    16th July: ?

    Weight change this week: -1lb
    Total weight lost: -3lb
  • Slimpossible007
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    edited June 2017

    SW (1st June) 206.8 lbs
    GW (3rd July) 199.8 lbs <<< - 7lbs -- small milestones and reaching "onederland" :)
    GW (31st Dec) 155 lbs
    FGW (in 2018) 140 lbs or rather whichever weight I get to when I work on tone and shape, could be more or less

    05th June - 205.4 lbs -- down 1.4 lbs
    12th June - 205.4 lbs -- down 0 lbs
    19th June - 204.6 lbs -- down 0.8 lbs
    26th June - 203.2 lbs -- down 1.4 lbs (total down 3.6 lbs)

  • jackinorrie
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    Hi Y'all!! I'm in!! A little late to your party but nonetheless here!!

    I'll write down my losses from your beginning in another post. And THANKS!!
  • jackinorrie
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    edited June 2017
    My Weigh In - Goal is 55lbs by 12/25

    6/5 181.2
    6/12 184.6
    6/19 180.0
    6/26 177.4
    Total -3.8
  • wefts
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    Original starting weight - 226
    June starting weight -220
    Christmas goal weight -175
    Ultimate goal weight -150

    Current weight 212 !!! so excited

    Total lbs lost this month - 8

    total lb lost starting may 19 , 14 lb

    logging really helps me 38 days straight logging my foods
  • keishkeish
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    So happy i accomplished my goal for June.
    GW:256 by Dec
    CW: 305
  • Karoger87
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    A little late posting this:

    Starting Weight: 226lbs-- May 29th 2017
  • bcTRAI
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    Way to go everyone! One month closer to Christmas.

    June 28/17 186.6
    June 21/17 187.6
    June 14/17 189.6
    June 7/17 189.6

    Ok here's me.
    I hope to manage 40 lbs by Christmas which makes an average of just over 1.5 lbs/wk.
    Starting weight 199 lbs.
    Challenge start 190 lbs.
    Challenge finish 150 lbs. here's hoping.
    Cheers to all and here we go!