What kind of bread do you eat?



  • cynthiatiller2015
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    I've had Ezekiel and I love the texture and taste and how healthy it is compared to over processed bleached stuff most bread is. It's so expensive though which is the only reason I can't choose it all the time
  • AnderMama88
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    I love ezekiel. It's different from other breads, definitely, but that is why I like it. It doesn't trigger me to snack on, its filling, and great from a nutritional standpoint. I buy frozen, and stick the loaf in the fridge when we need it. Lightly toast for a few minutes to improve the texture.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I don't eat bread often but when I do, I love a good loaf of fresh, crusty sourdough from a nice bakery
  • amysteri
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    @highwood125 ...the cheapest kind :smiley: , it's bread! For me, its purpose is to hold whatever I place in it.
    Sandwich bread for sandwiches, buns for burgers, dinner rolls for butter... I like to keep it simple
  • Momepro
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    I like Daves Killer Breads
  • ktekc
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    I've been making homemade bread in my bread machine the last few weeks because i made strawberry jam and its awesome on homemade peanut butter bread. .However i use Joseph's Lavash bread for wraps and thomas 100 calorie english muffins for my egg white breakfast sandwiches. Burgers tend to be natures own whole wheat buns. My husband eats the natures own sugar free bread. He is diabetic, its not the best but it's better and he gave up beer. I pick my battles.
  • Jriggs46615
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    Anybody try Ezikiel or Silver Hills bread? I am thinking about trying these types of bread. I like white and rye bread but when I have those around I tend to overindulge.

    I like Ezekiel bread just fine, but I bought Silver Hills on my last shopping trip. I'll be buying it from now on. It's tasty, and there's 8 grams of fiber in 2 slices. I toast it up and add 4 tbsp of Costco guac for breakfast each morning. You can't beat it. Yummy AND filling!
  • 150poundsofme
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    I just recently bought Ezekiel for the first time. I guess I was in an extremely just starting healthy mood because I s1uished avocado, placed on top of the toasted bread, then added flax seed, a touch of tumeric and cinnamon. It was ok. But then had in the refrig too long so I threw away. I also made ham sandwiches with it. It was good. I should buy it again. And it isn't the type of bread that I would binge on (especially with no butter in the house).
  • hoffman2300
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    I'm a huge Ezekiel bread fan. I buy it at Costco (cheaper than regular stores).
  • dragon_girl26
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    King's Hawaiian sweet bread.
  • annadragonetti
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    i rarely eat bread but when i do i have ezekiel bread. it tastes much better if you keep it frozen and only toast a slice or two at a time
  • dlkfox
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    I eat any bread that is freshly baked and not packaged to live forever
  • cosmichvoyager
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    I don't eat a lot of bread anymore, usually a bagel with lox and cream cheese for a weekend treat. I mostly eat wasa crackers or a slice of toasted mestemacher bread, which is swiss or german or something and extremely full of fiber lol. It's barely bread - more like a thin sliced cracker once toasted. I like the taste of very dark, dense, chewy breads and crackers with lots of seeds so if you like rye and don't mind the texture I recommend the mestemacher brand.
  • watts6151
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    Whatever's in the house,
    Usually covered in peanut/almond butter
  • born_of_fire74
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    Another for Silver Hills Little Big Bread
  • leesandra25
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    Yum......but alot more sugar. That's what makes it sooooooo good! Could get in big trouble with King's Hawiian!
  • mhwitt74
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    Nature's Harvest whole grain wheat
  • Jruzer
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    Jruzer wrote: »
    Seems like an odd question to me. I eat the type of bread that goes with the meal I'm eating. Whole wheat for grilled cheese or lunch sandwiches, crusty Italian with pasta, fluffy white buns with burgers or brats, flatbread for souvlaki, corn tortillas with tacos, dinner rolls with big family meals, etc. I don't go in for "weight loss" breads I suppose.

    We had pasta last night, and Mrs Jruzer produced a homemade mozzarella focaccia to accompany it. It was spectacular - I wish I'd taken a photo.

  • midlomel1971
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    Yum......but alot more sugar. That's what makes it sooooooo good! Could get in big trouble with King's Hawiian!

    I could eat an entire package of King's Hawaiian roles. When I make ham biscuits, I always have to set aside a few to eat as I'm assembling.
  • SafioraLinnea
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    Whatever is on sale at the store that day. We currently have 12 grain tortillas, white bread (gasp!), and a little bit of an oatmeal and flax loaf left.