100 pounds gone! (pics!)

lauramdx4 Posts: 33 Member
I started my journey on December 27, 2015. And finally hit my 100 pound loss in April 2017. I still have 15-20 more pounds I would like to lose and even though I am only losing about a pound a month now I couldn't be happier with my success so far! Thanks MFP for helping me through my journey!!



  • jjohnstonlni
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    Great job!
  • OY74NmFGBL
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    You look amazing!!!!!!!!! Inspiring! Keep it up.
  • creationscrown
    creationscrown Posts: 288 Member
    Beautiful!! Wow!!! Great work!
  • FutureThoughts
    FutureThoughts Posts: 95 Member
    You look amazing!! Fantastic job. And your arms are incredible!!! Did you follow any specific plan? Mind sharing? Your results are truly inspiring
  • meganw2020
    meganw2020 Posts: 107 Member
    You look so beautiful and so STRONG. Incredible work, you are a major inspiration!!!
  • inufan4evar
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    That is super awesome and amazing!!! <3
  • jbirdy76
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    Super awesome!!! You look wonderful!
  • trixieberry17
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    WOW! Awesome job, very very inspirational.
  • Shull_rachael
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    You look so good!!!
  • pennygm72
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    Wow! Congratulations, you are looking great.
  • xjulesjx
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    Yeahhhhhhhhhh, Well done you. Fantastic Job xx
  • lainy1979
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    You look fantastic! What an incredible transformation!
  • CathReese33
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    Fantastic commitment and you look amazing x
  • HealthyGoalie1
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    Fab <3

  • SleepingSwan
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    Great job!! You've done so well! X x
  • Autumnseer
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    Wow. Inspiring for someone who needs to lose over 100 lbs.
  • BhangraPrince
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    Very impressive
  • diggswood
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    Just simply WOW. You go girl!,,,