What ONE food would you recommend cutting out for weight loss?



  • jenilla1
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    No food needs to be cut out if you keep it all within calorie goals, but for ME, personally, sugar soda/drinks are eliminated. I think it's a complete and utter waste of calories with no redeeming nutritional value. I've got better things to blow my calories on!
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    wow about 80% of what i used to eat coz it was making me fat. im now trying to not use butter because i'd rather use the calories in something more filling. i chose to stop the fat food which is so delicious but that was too many calories, so i make my own food 90% of the time.
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    The OP is spot on though...
    Make your changes, just one food at a time, take it slow
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    Wow really? I know it's bad for your heart and stuff but didn't realise it made a difference with fat loss.

    Not fat loss, but you would see a scale drop due to less water retention.

    Plus sometimes the salty foods are the calorie dense ones...

    But sodium is also something that can add flavor to lower calorie foods and make a deficit easier to maintain. Think of sprinkling a bit of soy sauce on steamed broccoli or adding a bit of salt to roasted vegetables. Eliminating sodium would result in a much less palatable diet for many people.

    The average dieter will likely have better results by using sodium strategically instead of eliminating it completely.

    someone said something that made sense. if you must have salt on food to make it palatable, then sprinkle it on the food just before you are about to eat it. that way you get the most taste. but if you add it while cooking you wont taste as much.. so the theory is that if you sprinkle a tiny bit just when you are about to eat it, you can get by with a little, however, that said, im having a problem with sodium and im trying to eliminate it.
  • momofamadhouse
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    Sweetened drinks.
  • kavahni
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    For me personally, cheese. O, cheese, I do so love thee! I tend not to buy good cheese because I can sit down and sliver away at an entire portion until it is gone in one sitting. I keep lots of low fat mozz on hand, though, because small amounts give me a melty cheese fix, but it is too dreadful to just sit down and eat.
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    My friend's mum dropped a dress size in two weeks just from cutting out butter. Have any of you guys found cutting out/cutting down on one certain thing from your diet to be super helpful in terms of weight loss?

    Bread? Sugar? Meat? Dairy? Cooking oil? Alcohol?

    Simple carbs! Any sugar,white bread,regular tortillas,potatoes,starches. Eat complex carbs.

    Most fruits are simple carbs. Potatoes and other starchy vegetables are considered complex carbs.
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    I cut out sodas, but that would never have been enough to actually lose weight.
  • perkymommy
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    butter isn't a big deal to me as long as I log it when I eat it. Your friends mom must have been consuming a butt load of butter daily in order to lose weight just by cutting that out.

    I did cut out sugary sodas once and after two weeks lost 10 lbs but I had to cut back in other areas in order to keep losing. Other than sodas, there hasn't been one single food item that I cut out that made me lose fast.
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    I'm vegan now and have reached my goal weight and am pretty consistent