Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • katgettinghealthy
    katgettinghealthy Posts: 2 Member
    I'm always interested in more friends. Lets hang out on MFP & Instagram ^o^
  • pmyn29
    pmyn29 Posts: 130 Member
    Add me if you're active on here and need friends for support! I lift 5-6 times per week and I keep an open diary.
  • Helen1963Stewy
    Helen1963Stewy Posts: 16 Member
    Hi you can add me too i can always do with support i am from Australia
  • themanwithaplan1
    themanwithaplan1 Posts: 56 Member
    always looking to motivate and support, feel free to add :)
  • frankerzzzfit
    frankerzzzfit Posts: 81 Member
    add me!
  • travisdaugherty
    travisdaugherty Posts: 11 Member
    Just downloaded the app again after a break. Give me an add. New friends are always nice!
  • invisiblestilettos
    invisiblestilettos Posts: 2 Member
    Hi all! I'd love to meet new friends. Feel free to add me <3<3<3
  • krisC82
    krisC82 Posts: 12 Member
    feel free to add me. more active the better.
  • programazing
    programazing Posts: 4 Member
    I could absolutely use motivating friends.
  • Lizbethweat31
    Lizbethweat31 Posts: 20 Member
    The more the merrier were all here to help each other!!!
  • sutralotus
    sutralotus Posts: 12 Member
    Hi looking for active and fun people to add me. Need motivation!
  • fit_finesse92
    fit_finesse92 Posts: 478 Member
    add me!
  • FitnessasmyWitness
    FitnessasmyWitness Posts: 67 Member
    Trying to lose the last 10! before my half marathon in October! :)
  • fitRTs
    fitRTs Posts: 58 Member
    I'm not sure if I've posted this thread before or not but I'm always looking for more friends!
  • marty_tin
    marty_tin Posts: 22 Member
    I need more friends to motivate me! At my highest weight ever and I know I can get it off with some help. Add me!
  • xdelgadop
    xdelgadop Posts: 5 Member
    I could use some motivational friends!
  • pinkbaba03
    pinkbaba03 Posts: 18 Member
    I could use the friends and support! Add me :)
  • Alexandriakay676
    Alexandriakay676 Posts: 56 Member
    Looking for quality vs quantity . ... folks who are able to check in, hold me accountable , to get to know and walk this journey together. I struggle, I fall down, and looking for some helpful hands to get me back up when needed....
  • livinbohemian
    livinbohemian Posts: 4 Member
    Looking for friends that are positive! I'm good at the pick up!
  • michellew91
    michellew91 Posts: 47 Member
    Back after a long hiatus, looking for some motivation. Just want to feel healthy and energetic again! Also, anyone have tips on ditching diet soda?