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    Follow me... with determination no telling where we can go
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    Hi, looking for to all of this, I'm on week 7 of a 12 week weightlifting program to tone after I lost 60lbs. started eating more cuz of the program, up 14lbs....friend told me about it, it's day 3 and already I feel the difference. need help, so would love friends.
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    Hi Everyone

    I just thought I would share some info about a fantastic MFP group that is currently accepting new registrations until Saturday evening.

    The group is the Fat 2 Fit Weight Loss Challenge and Support Group. This group participates in a friendly monthly individual and team competition. It currently has nine separate teams of approximately 30-35 per team. There are weekly (optional) team and group challenges. This group has been a tremendous help to me and has provided much needed encouragement and support.

    If you are looking to make new friends on mfp, to find support, strength and motivation, or just struggling to lose weight and willing to take an extra step toward making it happen - then check out this group!

    You won't be disappointed...

    The name of the group is Fat 2 Fit Weight Loss Challenge...

    The group main page is at:

    The registration page is at:

    Hope to see you all there!!!
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    I need some new friends! Would love fellow mom friends, or anyone who does weight lifting.
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    Add me :smiley: please
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    I lost a lot of weight on my own and thought I could keep at it like that. Looking for people to help support me in keeping the weight off and staying the course.
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    always enjoy making new friends with similar goals. Add me if you like!
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    Looking for positive members to stay motivated with. [post edited by MFP mods]
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    I would love to hear someone else's victories, struggles, and opportunities. But would also like to get feedback about mine as well add me on let's all get fit and get strong and successful
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    jdscrubs32 wrote: »
    I'm trying to complete my friends list I'm not OCD or weird or anything like that!! Usernames starting with the letter Q are impossible to find. If you are one please please add me as you are a rare collector's item!!

    Oh @safarigirlelka you are gas. I'll have to change my username to start with Q:)

    I actually have one friend with a username starting with Q, but he hasn't logged on in 3 months...
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    Count me in, who doesn't want more friends. Feel free to add. :)

    Add me.
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    Feel free to add, very active!
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    I could use some positive vibes while continuing to achieve my weight loss goals and offer motivation and encouragement. @neena70
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    Add me looking for motivation to loose 45lbs by march 2018. Love to get new recipes for my meal prep
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    Add me - I'm always here
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    Looking for some support on the long journey. Also, looking to motivate others. Do not pay attention to the Post numbers they can be deceiving.
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    never gonna give you up...never gonna let you down
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    Hello! ✌
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    Feel free to add me too! I live near the airport and love walking!
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    Count me in! Yes please! :)