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Hey im looking to add friends im Keto/Fasting...changed my life


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    HEY. I am ALSO on keto/IF. Let's be pals? :D
  • Tammyjo06
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    I know what keto is. Do you mean you're on a low cal diet or not eating at all? If it's a really low cal diet then I would fit in:)
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    What's Keto? I see it used often when intermittent fast is being discussed.

    I plan to start IF come Aug 1st so I'm still doing some research. I don't want to lose a lot of weight just about 3-5lbs. Would you guys suggest IF for that amount or just stick to my cardio/weight training?
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    What @ljw5021 posted while I was typing is a great overview with good examples of links and food choices.
  • GaleHawkins
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    The link in the very first post in this MFP thread after three years helped to to understand ketone levels are not my main concern. Becoming fat adapted (being able to burn fat well for energy) trumps Ketone levels.

    This is not a short simple read but it can wipe out many of the false statements made about nutritional ketosis.
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    Im in keto/fasting too for two weeks now...
  • grace3235
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    I am on day 5...really struggling today :( the battle between good and chocolate o:)>:)o:)o:)
  • Senrak66
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    i been doing it for month now and lost 10 pounds .
    my eating window is from noon to 8pm. i also cycle 3
    day of 3 meals to 3 days to 2 meals aday.
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    I'm all for it! I've been Keto for 5wks now and love it. It's so much simpler for me, compared to other methods I've tried in the past. Once I got over the initial week, I felt sooo much better. Also I am currently fasting and plan to continue doing so intermittently as well. I still have quite a long way to go, but feel free to add me! Good luck to you on your journey!
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    Have been doing keto for about two weeks now. Had my first cheat meal and totally regretted it. Such a big headache.
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    I am on week 4 of keto with calorie deficit and it's been amazing, lots of energy, rapid weight loss
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    Week 2 of keto. Down 8lbs feeling good!
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    Hi! Started Keto a week back! The thread is inspiring
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    I started keto but I'm not doing it 100%, would like to meet others to challenge/motivate myself.
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    Back into Keto for the past week after a little break. Lost 20lbs in two months before, looking to drop the last 20! Add me if you'd like :)
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    grace3235 wrote: »
    I am on day 5...really struggling today :( the battle between good and chocolate o:)>:)o:)o:)
    girl get some sugar free chocolate... Russel Stovers has saved my life for chocolate cravings. I also make a shake each morning with Ketond and I use two tablespoons of sugar free Hershey's syrup to help mask the salty taste.....I am good with those things and I had a SUPER sweet tooth before I stated Keto.