Should men shave their armpits?



  • deputy_randolph
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    I nag my husband to shave his, b/c it cuts down on stink. Pit hair also grosses me out in general.
  • J72FIT
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    IMO, trim yes, shave no...
  • jorgezepeda
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    I think so.. Its nasty to see untrimmed bushy arm pit hair... Also dudes with hair tend to have BO... I use a beard shaver and trim mine...
  • yourfitnessenemy
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    NO. I mean. . .do what you want, but I'm just not into the whole "manscaped"/metrosexual kinda guy.

    But don't listen to us, it's your body!
  • Okiludy
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    Up to you. I would at most trim it. I already cut my beard and hair to about 6mm so I guess I could trim the pits at same time. Still I am lucky and not a lot of body hair so I likely wouldn't bother. I also really don't care if a lady shaves or not. Completely up to the person. As long as people don't smell I could care less their cosmetic habits.
  • WickAndArtoo
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    Do what makes you feel the most comfortable. I personally like a man with some armpit hair, but it wouldn't weird me out or shock me to see a guy with shaved pits either. Trimming is a nice middle ground.
  • comptonelizabeth
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    No. They should wax them. Why should we be the only ones to go through torture?
  • mazdauk
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    My husband shaves his regularly in the summer, deodorant works better for longer plus you get less hot to start with. He is now nagging our sons to do it but they are unconvinced so far (although one commutes into London every day so is starting to think it might be a good idea). In the winter not such an issue, depends how he's feeling.
  • AmandaDanceMore
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    Humans of all types should do what they want with their body hair. If you wanna shave the pits, go for it. If not, meh. No one should care. (Shaving to help reduce BO, especially if you are packed close in public transportation, is always a nice act of human courtesy, though).
  • DKG28
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    you can totally experiment! if you don't like it, it grows back! like many of us ladies, you might discover you like how it feels, not just looks. Just warning you though - start shaving a new part of the body, especially where skin rubs - holds the potential for itchiness and razor burn! Add deodorant on top of razor won't be a happy camper, so if you do it, i'd suggest the first time shave at night and deo in the morning.
  • earlnabby
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    Overall I don't think anyone should shave anything, male or female.

    Having said that, if you want to and you have no problem with the upkeep, go for it. Shaved pits have much less bacteria so there is much less BO. On the other hand, sweat tends to cling to hair so if you want to wear tanks at the gym, don't shave . . . nobody wants sweat all over the equipment.
  • perkymommy
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    If you want to do it then do it. I am female and hate shaving mine but do it every day, lol. You will get stubble though and will have to shave daily more than likely. Maybe you could start with a trim and cut it really short and go from there?
  • perkymommy
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    Not a bro, but my grown son shaves his. He shaves eeeeverything. My husband does not. I would love it if he did.

    oh wow. :neutral:
  • animatorswearbras
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    Is that a Spider Jerusalem tattoo? Is this the reason you're shaving everything off! That would be pretty *kitten* awesome and respect for your Transmetropolitan fandom! ;D
  • mom23mangos
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    perkymommy wrote: »
    Not a bro, but my grown son shaves his. He shaves eeeeverything. My husband does not. I would love it if he did.

    oh wow. :neutral:

    Totally not pervy guys. I have no actual proof LOL. Only that he and my husband joke about it because he bought a heavy duty electric razor evidently for that purpose.
  • BaddS4
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    Men do not shave their arm pits.. Armpit hair is a sign on manhood!!! lol