Lose 5lbs in August 2017



  • multitaskmom
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    Weigh day: Friday
    Starting weight: 205
    Current weight: 190
    August goal: 185
    Ultimate goal: 130

    August 4: 190
    August 11:
    August 18:
    August 25:
  • stationlouisa
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    edited August 2017
    Original starting weight - August 21st 2016: 75.5kg -166.1lbs

    August Starting weight - 53.8kg - 118.36lbs
    August goal: 51kg - 112.2lbs

    152cm tall.

    ..1st: 53.8kg / 118.36lb :neutral:up again
    ..5th: 54.8kg/ 120.56lb and again :neutral:

    Overall Total loss for July :+1kg /2.2lb

    Total loss since starting :20.7kg /45.54lb

    Back again - am supposedly in maintenance but because of poor food choices have been in a cycle for the last 2 months, of gain weight for 3 weeks then lose for 1. Until I can keep the losing going for any length of time I will not reach my new goal of 50kg by Aug 21st - 1 yr anniversary. Didnt help this week when I found a few cake mixes nearing their use by date when clearing out my pantry. :blush: Am unable to throw out food, so I ate them LOL.
    At least I havent given up.
    Good luck everyone.
  • Chocciebunbuns
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    Weigh day: Fridays
    Starting weight: 195.6
    Current weight: 194.8
    August goal: 190.0

    4/8: 194.8

    Total loss for August :
  • typeitdaily
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    Starting weight (Aug 1st): 238.4
    August goal: 233
    Weigh in day: Friday

    3rd: 238.4

    Total loss for August :
  • Glasscandle
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    Starting Weight - Jan. 9, 2017: 189
    Aug. Start weight... 150

    August 5 150?
    August 12
    August 19
    August 26

    End of August Goal Weight. 143

    Away on vacation (plus birthday!) at the beach since yesterday. Let's see how much this messes things up! Trying to get in lots of activities to counteract the constant snacking all around me by kids and partner.

  • lildebbie121
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    It's my first challenge too! :) Good luck everyone!

    Weigh Day : Monday
    Starting weight : 180
    Current weight : 158
    August goal : 153
    Ultimate goal : 130
    Total loss for August :
  • MarcA1218
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    Is it too late to join this one?
  • bonnieevans6060
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    MarcA1218 wrote: »
    Is it too late to join this one?

    I don't know of any reason why you couldn't post and get started

    Weigh day
    Starting weight
    Current weight
    August goal weight
    Overall goal weight
    Total loss for August

    I'm not in charge. Don't really know who is. Tuesday is my weigh day. You?
  • gillykh
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    JennH517 wrote: »
    Happy Sunday, everyone!

    Well I'm stuck. It happens. Happens to me every couple of months or so. So I just deal with it and hang on and eventually the numbers move down again. Knowing that this is my 'normal' helps, but I still get a bit bummed about it when it does happen. But... that's how I roll.

    I've been stuck for a couple of weeks really, I was 215 even on average, 7/17-7/23. Half a pound lost in 2 weeks isn't much loss at all.

    Maybe next week things will move. I've flirted a few times in the 213s. Once in June right before vacation which was a premeditated gain. Then again for a couple of days right at the end of July, and then for reasons unknown I jumped into the 215s again. The last 215 I saw was July 31st (215.5) so I'm hoping that number is gone for good.

    Original starting weight: 243 in 2015.

    MFP Starting weight December 25th, 2016: 233

    Average from July 24th - July 30th: 214.4
    Average from July 31st - August 6th: 214.5

    August loss: Gain of 0.1 lbs.

    Total MFP loss: 18.5lbs.

    Total cumulative loss: 28.5 lbs.

    Until next week, we just keep on keeping on!


    Move more, eat less.

    I hear you on this Jenn. I have been so irked the last few weeks. My eating isn't spot on, but it's been pretty good and the scale wouldn't budge. Finally got a whoosh of 2 pounds this morning. Keep on keeping on!