Easy and filling breakfast



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    Thanks for the ideas these all sound great.
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    My latest favourite: one cup of 1% plain yogurt, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1/3 cup of home made granola, and a swizzle of honey. Yum!
  • A Sausage link in a croissant with cheese. Very quick and easy---high in protein so it stays with you. You can also add some eggs too,
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    this is making me real hungry..........

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    My new favorite summer breakfast is lowfat cottage cheese topped with sliced strawberries, blueberries and pecans. I also throw on a light sprinkle of Splenda. It is delicious and I right now I have to force myself not to eat it for every meal.
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    I usually have a soft boiled egg and a piece of whole wheat toast! Under 200 cals!
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    Here's a recipe I make ahead and freeze for lunches. I make a whole batch at a time and freeze on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, I put them in a freezer bag or container. Also eat them sometimes at breakfast for something different.

    Pizza Spins: per serving 1 multigrain 100 calorie English muffin, split. Put two tablespoons of spaghetti sauce on each half. Add one ounce of (low fat) mozzarella cheese to each half. Add veggies as desired (I often use up odds and ends this way). To serve, remove two halves from the freezer and put in the microwave for about 1 and a half minutes.

    Tasty, hot and filling. about 320 calories for both halves: Carbs 31; Protein 24; Fat 12.5 Can decrease fat grams by using fat free cheese.
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    Great ideas that I want to be able to find later! bumpity-bumpity-bump-bump...
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    I also like oats but I add TVP (textured vegetable protein) to them. I do 1/4 cup oats and 1/4 cup TVP and tablespoon flax seed and 1 tablespoon brown sugar. To that I add some sort of fruit like dates or a banana and water. After I microwave it I add a little soy milk too. The main difference is the TVP It tastes very much like oats but adds about 10 grams of protein. It is also very very filling.
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm getting really bored wil what I choose for breakfast. Does anyone want to share their fav. Breakfast?


    My personal favorite is oatmeal with honey & fresh fruit and some protein powder mixed in, 3 eggwhites in a basket, and my morning dose of vitamins
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    Scrambled eggs! I do them in the microwave so they're super quick.

    Just whisk up two eggs - salt and pepper and a splash of milk (add cheese/tomato if you fancy)

    Blast on high for 2 minutes or so

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    Great Omelet - 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, handful of fresh spinach, 1 ounce sharp cheddar, 1/4 of a medium tomato, chopped up.

    Spray the skillet, beat the egg and whites, pour in the skillet, cook until set, add the spinach cheese and tomato on half of the omelet;, fold over and cook until the cheese gets melty. The spinach will wilt and be so yummy. I add a little black pepper but no salt as the cheese has enough sodium to flavor the omelet. Toast a whole grain sandwich thin and add 1 TBSP low sugar jelly or preserves of your choice. Will keep you full for a while.
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    I love oatmeal and I eat it most days. Sometimes I use less water than it calls for and then I mix in some light yogurt. Really filling and if you use different varieties or yogurt it never gets boring!
  • one packet for low sugar quakers brown sugar oatmeal with a little addition of Almond milk