I want more late 20's, early 30's gals on my team!!



  • katelaurel390
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    Hey girls! I'm 27 and looking to lose about 40ish pounds. I work out almost every day and try my best to log my food daily. Going to add a bunch of you now :) Let's do this!!
  • sdolan91
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    Add me anyone!!
    I am 25.
    Starting weight is 175, only have lost 2 pounds so far.
    Goal weight is 145.
  • swebb4209
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    Feel free to add me! I'm 27, A mom, and have a few lbs to lose. Currently working through p90x3!
  • erickswifelt
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    Add me! I used this app last year faithfully along with daily exercise and lost over 50 pounds. Unfortunately I got waaay off track and gained most of it back, but I'm beyond ready to get back to business.
  • kolson111322
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    Hi ladies. 30 here. I need accountabilibuddies to help keep me motivated and share with.

    5'2 inches tall.
    Starting weight: 192
    Current weight: N/A (I'm having my next weight in on Thursday morning)
    Goal weight: 130

    I have 62 pounds to lose.
  • jmek926
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    Hi ladies!! I turn 30 next month... and in June I decided to really focus on getting healthy. I've lost 17 lbs, and I'd like to lose 13 more by my birthday even tho I think that's a stretch now. I'd love some support so add me!!
  • brittvas1
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    27 here, trying to get rid of my college weight. Stress eating got me big time.
  • asianolikeyou
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    brittvas1 wrote: »
    27 here, trying to get rid of my college weight. Stress eating got me big time.

    Can totally relate to stress eating, that's part of what contributed to my weight gain. I've gotten a lot better over the past few months at resisting the urge to fall back on that bad habit - if you need any tips or motivation lemme know!
  • cowgoo
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    Feel free to add me. I'm pretty active on the app
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    Hey hey. 32 years old, had been maintaining for about 6 months, but I'm back in weight loss mode as I bounced out of my maintenance range and am trying to get my weight back down a few pounds.
  • platyguin
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    28. Vegetarian. I lost 80lbs in 2015, then had a really, really rough 2016 (lost quite a few family members and a pet - super rough). I gained it all back plus. I just can't keep myself motivated to do the easiest thing - eat the dang food in the house and stop ordering thai take out. LOL My career is super high stress and my husband is like mega-enabler. He's a body builder so he's carb loading all the time. Like okay congrats I'm glad you can eat a package of oreos in one go but SOME OF US have to stick to broccoli and a little hummus. xD

    Would love to make some new friends who just need a little bit of support. :)
  • KittyInBoots17
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    I have sent an add!

    If anyone wants to add me please do lol! I am 32 and looking to lose 50 ish pounds right now, then hopefully some more once I reach that.

    Always looking for cool new friends!
  • MrsCee616
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    So, I definitely fall into the category of getting excited about wanting to get healthier and lose weight and I do great for about a week or two. Then I trip over a pebble, then it becomes a rock, and then it becomes a boulder, and then it becomes a mountain that I don't feel like I can climb. I have friends who say they have the same goals I do but they aren't much help or motivation. I would love to get some friends who are actually serious about getting healthy. Oh, and I just turned 28 and would love to get back down to a healthy weight before I hit 30!
  • EZaccone85
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    feel free to add me...
    i am 32 year old that lives in ocala, fl. i have been married for about a year and a half now. i am wanting to lose weight to start a family. i have started doing some zumba in the mornings in my living room and trying to remind my husband to take me with him on his mountain bicycle riding. lol

    Starting weight = 211
    goal weight = 185
  • Lisajohnston
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    Hello, I'm 32, I had a baby almost 14 months ago and haven't lost any of the weight. I have about 65 lbs to lose (only 25 of that baby weight), i've just started again. I was successful in the past so I hope I can do it again! I'd love to have some friends to help me out and just even to see their progress for motivation.
  • smileamile207
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    I'm 28 trying to lose 20-30lb! Add me for support! We're all in this together anyways. Need some new friends
  • rayzerwolf
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    feel free to add me. 26

    first goal:165
    ultimate goal:150

    I weigh every day so my tracker will be going up and down, trying to see my weight trend and it keeps me accountable.
  • meli12565
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    Same here! 28 and I'm striving for 30 lbs to loose. What are some of your favorite forms of cardio?
  • LeLoupVit
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    Hi! I'd like to get support as well from people my age, so add me.
  • raani44
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    Hi :) I am 26 and have 75lbs to lose to hit my goal weight of 140. I have 3 young children so it isn't as simple as just going to the gym. I definitely could use some awesome ladies to keep me from falling back into the food pit.