Diet friendly way to satisfy chocolate craving?



  • Fallfrenzy
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    I've made protein brownies which have bananas, chocolate protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and peanut butter. I also include some dark chocolate chips. They are about 150 calories each with about 7 grams of protein for each brownie. To me they are somewhat fudge like. You can look up 4-ingredient protein brownies to get the recipe. The dark chocolate chips were added on my part to get more chocolate in, so calories would be less without them.
  • LiveLoveFitFab
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    I just mix cocoa powder with stuff.

    I mix it with greek yogurt and stevia or honey and dip strawberries in it, which is delicious and high in protein.

    I add it to milk and a touch of stevia or honey for homemade chocolate milk. I even add it to flax milk and coconut milk.

    Sometimes I take the cocoa powder and make hot cocoa.

    I love me some cocoa powder.
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    jdlobb wrote: »
    What are some good products that satisfy a chocolate craving? Obviously low-cal. Could be low-carb or low-fat.

    I've grown quite fond of the Atkins chocolate candies, the imitation M&Ms. Looking for other ideas.

    Bonus points for high-protein

    Lately I have been taking 1 cup of fage 2% plain greek yogurt and mixing in 2T of chocolate ovaltine. So far IMO it's the best high protein (20 grams per cup) "chocolate pudding" I've had...
  • jamesmburns90
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    Make your own protein bars using chocolate flavoured whey, rice flour, low fat butter (or coconut oil if on low carb high fat) etc etc. There are plenty of recipes out there man.
    I once made "bulking cookies" using optimal nutritions serious mass gainer. They tasted great.
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    jdlobb wrote: »
    When you're saying "satisfy chocolate craving", you're implying they can be satisfied, so there is no reason to jump through any hoops - have a small amount of whatever you fancy most, and log it, and you'll easily stay within your calorie goal.

    um. ok. that's nice, but not particularly helpful. Of course you can just eat whatever you want and log the calories.

    I'm trying to figure out way to eat MORE, or better, without adding extra calories.
    It's meant to be helpful. Why do you want to eat more? Has overeating been good for you so far?

    There is such a thing as volume eating.

    Maybe ask some of the people on the Volume Eating thread & see if they have any good ideas for chocolate desserts.
  • Heather4448
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    Coffee works for me, although I can't explain why. If it's a DefCon5 chocolate craving, I'll put chocolate powder in the coffee.
  • kellyjellybellyjelly
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    aeloine wrote: »
    Halo Top kills two birds with one stone for me. Chocolate and Ice cream.

    Love the Halo Top Chocolate Almond Crunch.
  • Francl27
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    Just a square of good quality dark chocolate.
  • Rosemary7391
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    I really like the nak'd cocoa orange flavour bars - they're almost entirely fruit and nut squished together and they taste amazing! They're about 140kcal if I remember rightly, but also have enough fruit to count as a portion of fruit so quite filling, plus the nuts add some protein :)
  • amusedmonkey
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    2 finger kitkat! 100 calories. Another option is tiny chocolate chips, the tinier the better. If you eat them one by one letting each melt inside your mouth, a small amount last long and feels substantial. I also like jello sugar free chocolate pudding.
  • krael65
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    I made this yesterday. It was delicious! Really chocolate-y....

  • scarlett_k
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    I just eat chocolate :) 85% cocoa dark chocolate is good to just have a few small squares, but I also get small chocolate bars like a Cadbury's flake which are 133 kcal. Does the trick :)
  • Tulip9
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    Traders Joe's has little dark chocolate wedges in a round tin by the register that are 40 calories each. Nice that they are portioned out. Dole dark chocolate covered frozen banana slices "Dippers" are very good for 100 calories. Fudgesicles. Also, Special K makes a chocolate flavored cereal.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    Chocolate Halo Top or a brkwnie flavored Quest bar.
  • AnvilHead
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    If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate and make it fit into my calories/macros for the day.

    If it doesn't quite fit into my calories/macros when it's all said and done, I shrug my shoulders, move on, and focus on how freaking good that chocolate tasted. I didn't lose all the weight in one day, and I'm not going to gain it all back in one day just because I ate a chocolate bar.
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    Love in a cup, 44 calories.
  • ccruz985
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    Hershey's miniatures are 46 cals each. One or two is still less than 100 cals.
  • RAinWA
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    Chocolate lollipops from Sees are only 80 calories and take a long time to eat.
  • SueSueDio
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    RAinWA wrote: »
    Chocolate lollipops from Sees are only 80 calories and take a long time to eat.

    That's a good point! I like the chocolate Tootsie Pops - 65 calories, and they take a while too. Only thing is I don't like how they stick to my teeth... ;)
  • ILoveGingerNut
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    Cocoa powder. Add to hot milk for a hot chocolate and ricotta cheese and honey for chocolate mousse