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  • an0nemus
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    My first goal was 160. I went from 240 to 169..and my weight would not budge. WEll, it did go back up to 230, but it wouldn't go lower.

    I'm back to 193 and I'd like to get to 170 again. I'm a short male, at 170 I was wearing men's target weight is 150 ish...and I think that would put me in boy's larges...and that just won't kitten happen.
  • rlaurain
    rlaurain Posts: 64 Member
    I'm also 5'5. I'm trying to be in the 140s again, because I felt my best and healthiest in that range. I lost 7lb and have about 25 more pounds to go.
  • CaliMomTeach
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    I'm 5'6. The lowest I have been since I started to lose weight was right around 137. That looks pretty thin on me. I am at 140 right now and I think this is good. I am trying to get down maybe 2 pounds and try to stay just at or under 140. I was going for 135, but I think it might be too thin for me. I have a large frame and am in a size 4 now (mostly). The low end of the healthy BMI range for my height I am sure would be actually underweight for me given my frame size.
  • mskimee
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    Mine keeps changing. Was originally 165 (5'9). Then moved it to 158 - that was too low. Been lifting heavy for about three years and started my first bulk cycle - 181.4 this morning, but still wearing the same clothes I was wearing at 163.

    I'm shooting for a certain look, not a certain number.

    I love this! I'm 5ft and always wanted to be around 105 (having read somewhere as a teenager that this was Britney Spears weight), but realistically I've only ever been healthy at 115 minimum. I'm currently 120 (well, 124 this morning thanks to a weekend blow out, but I have a week to repair the damage) and have been lifting for about 6 months. I'm giving up on the scales little by little and going by how I look/feel. I never thought I'd be happy at 120, but here I am!!
  • hydechildcare
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    Right now I want to see what 170 looks like. Before I go a car and quit walking everywhere I was 150. I really like 150 but I am lifting now (pretty new) so 150 may not look as good. 170 and we will go from there.
  • VeggieBarbells
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    I don't have a number, I do have a look and feel. Whenever I'm happy with my look and feel, that's where I'll stay.
  • Graelwyn75
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    My comfortable weight varies from 126 - 140 Ibs basically, depending on my mindset at the time.
    Currently, it is 125/126 and I am just under 5'10.
    When I am highly active and more focused on fitness and strength and am in a better place mentally, I tend to settle around 138-140.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I didn't have number in mind but since MFP wanted me to enter something I chose a number in the healthy BMI range but not the highest because I like to have a little wiggle room without moving back to overweight.
  • estherdragonbat
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    I've tentatively set my ideal weight for 10 lbs into the healthy BMI range for my height for a couple of reasons.

    1) I can be a bit obsessive and a bit anxious. I know me. If I'm 0.2 lbs into the healthy weight range, I'll be all smiles and cheer. 0.2 lbs over it and I'll start getting nervous that it's all creeping back on. And the truth is, weight isn't static. Depending on how much water someone (temporarily) retains, how long ago someone ate, exercised, or used the washroom, TOM, and a bunch of other things I'm probably leaving out, weight can fluctuate by a couple of pounds or more during the course of a day. So. On the one hand, I understand all this. On the other hand, I understand where my mind will go for no good reason if one of those fluctuations takes me out of the healthy BMI range. Shooting for 10 lbs into the range gives me a cushion.

    2) The closer you get to goal, the tighter the logging has to get. The last 10 lbs are the hardest. And if I get frustrated five pounds away from goal and just say, "Kitten it. This is good enough," then it actually will be.

    Having said that, I'm planning to meet with an RD for a few sessions as I approach goal to get some help transitioning to maintenance. If they advise me that I should shoot for a different weight target, I'll trust their expertise.
  • EliseTK1
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    I'm 5'6". A few years ago I would have said ~140# because that's when I felt and looked best. Now after lifting weights consistently and changing my body shape/composition, I'd say more like 150-155#. I have about 10-15# to lose to get back there, so I'll reevaluate once I feel comfortable.
  • ladyhusker39
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    I feel a little flaky saying this, but honestly I want to weigh as little as I need to in order to be healthy but as much as I can to stay healthy so I can eat more food at maintenance.

    I'm thinking there's a sweet spot where I can maximize the health benefits of an ideal weight with the weight that maximizes my calorie intake. Not sure where that is exactly, but I know I'm not there yet.