I've been doing keto for 3 months, any other keto people??


  • sweetpea813
    sweetpea813 Posts: 112 Member
    Me! I did CICO for about a year and a half and lost around 30 pounds then hit a major wall for months. I got on keto last week and dropped almost 8 pounds already. I know it's probably water weight but my belly bloat went away and I have never felt better. My doctor suggested low carb because I kept complaining of my plateau. I'm so glad I found keto!
  • Utah89
    Utah89 Posts: 15 Member
    I have been poking around at KETO since September. I got on here today to actually track my protein, fat, and carbs to get better at it and hopefully see some great results.
  • Cam1le
    Cam1le Posts: 4 Member
    I've been on a keto path for approx a month now and lost 13 lbs. I'm sure my diet needs to be adjusted a bit to get the maximum benefits though. Please feel free to add me and maybe share some pointers if you can.
  • ketofire51
    ketofire51 Posts: 102 Member
    Me.....been keto since August 3rd and have lost 42 lbs! Add me if you'd like! :)
    LGBFJB Posts: 2 Member
    Trying ketovore