How many days do you hit the gym?



  • jjpptt2
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    OP - your subject makes it seem like you are interested in what we do, but your post is more about whether or not going to the gym every day will have a negative impact on you long term.

    Which is it?

    If the former, I try to go 3x week... but realistically go 2x.
    If the latter, it's hard to say without know more about your situation. If you're getting enough sleep and proper nutrition, you're probably fine.
  • Carl_Carlson
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    Two days
  • MelanieCN77
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    6 I guess. Lately I've been hiking one day instead of going to the gym. Not all days are heavy workouts though. I went last night and bailed half way through my plan and just ended up with a half hour of cardio. My hips and legs and back were too tired from an intense Wednesday so I cut back. I just play it by ear.
  • hisamazinggirl
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    I go twice a day every day . I guess I'm addicted lol. It just makes me feel better going to the gym .
  • mjwarbeck
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    Usually 4 days
  • toddandwendy3
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    3 Strong lifts 5x5
  • Zeuggma
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    I lift 4 days, and go to cardio-based HIIT classes for 2 days at the gym. Sometimes I play soccer and hike too. I always have one dedicated rest day where all I do is walk.
  • himenaya
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    7 days a week. Why? Because I work a full time job and have two toddlers at home. Gym is ME time. :)
  • marysabetournay
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    3 days a week (20mins of running) 35 mins of weights and yoga once a week
  • Jen2133
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    It varies for me depending on time of year and goals.

    Minimum 3, maximum 6, but I may do other non-gym activities (running, walking, skiing, biking) on the off days, or as a double workout. The intensity of lifting or intervals definitely varies :)
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    at least 4. sometimes 6, on average 5. depends on if i need that extra day off somewhere
  • gradchica27
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    5-6 days. I’d probably go 7, but I’m trying to find balance in my family’s schedule. Taking the kids to the gym 6 days a week is just too much (I only have one day they’re not with me and I can go alone), and being late home too often on the rare days hubs gets home at a reasonable hour/taking away the two Saturdays a month he’s home is not conducive to domestic bliss.

    I’m trying to move things around and be flexible to keep all of us (relatively) happy and not force everyone else to bow to my gym obsession. Alas I am not yet desirous of getting up at 4:30 to get a short workout in bf hubs leaves.
  • Alamobabe
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    I've definitely been that person, if I missed a day of working out at the gym I would beat myself up, feel guilty. The past 2 years I moved to a small city in Florida and I live in the country surrounded by dirt trails. I have 3 dogs, I dont belong to a gym anymore, I run with my dogs most days, if I miss a day here or there I dont care.
    I have a workout room at home with everything I need. I workout when I want ( not everyday) Dumbells, bench, spin bike, ball, treadmill. I dont obsess about it anymore. I am mentally happier, I feel better I actually lost about 10 pounds over the past year without stressing about it. Im at a happy weight
  • marygraci999
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    Everyday. Plus I do waterfit 6 days a week..
  • rainbow198
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    I do something everyday.

    Cardio daily (aerobic dvd's, brisk walking, walking/running intervals).

    Strength-training 4 days a week upper/lower body splits. (Weights, bodyweight, resistance bands, TRX strap, Pilates).

    I enjoy working out and the results it has given me. I do take a complete rest day once in a while, but that's not needed often since my workouts are mostly moderate (I'm maintaining).
  • Troutsy
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    I lift 3x a week and cardio usually 2x a week
  • Mycophilia
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    Strength training Monday-Saturday and brain gains on Sunday-
  • bellaesprita000
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    4x a week