Folks 40 and over?



  • flutestmelody
    flutestmelody Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, I'm looking for some help. I'm 42 and at my heaviest ever. In January my husband I celebrate 19 years and he is already making plans for our 20th. It's tune for some change. I want to rock my 20th with my hubby. So looking diffe done friends.
  • mrw0915
    mrw0915 Posts: 40 Member
    Level 50. :)
  • WendyJoy76
    WendyJoy76 Posts: 948 Member
    41 here :) trying to stay motivated! feel free to add me too !
  • FAAB_too
    FAAB_too Posts: 67 Member
    I'm 44. Got off mfp for a while but missed the motivation.
  • dgthom72
    dgthom72 Posts: 1,199 Member
    45 in Ohio and feeling great!!!

    Many days it’s harder to get started, but I always Ltd feel better when done!!

    Have an awesome Tuesday!!
  • lifestyle70
    lifestyle70 Posts: 126 Member
    About to turn 43, recommitting myself to 60 days of exercise and better eating. Would love accountability partners, those you can make me feel guilty for missing my workouts :) Please feel free to add if you would like!
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,479 Member
    I am 46, on every day and burn 1000 calories a day, LOVE MY CARDIO!, anyone can add me!
  • Vince_1964
    Vince_1964 Posts: 359 Member
    I’m in! Could use some more friends on here for motivation and support. I’m 53, been on MFP for several years. Pretty consistent with exercise but need to improve diet for results!!
    Feel free to add me!
  • Jackie9003
    Jackie9003 Posts: 1,054 Member
    49 this month and need to lose 7 stone, feel free to add me, I log on daily.
  • 4queen_t
    4queen_t Posts: 302 Member
    41 next month. You can add me if you like.
  • FrendliiGost
    FrendliiGost Posts: 18 Member
    Anybody add me an bug me to keep on track
  • virgoconga
    virgoconga Posts: 27 Member
    Please add me!!!!
    This sounds great.
    I am 52 and open to receive what others are willing to share regarding nutrition, exorcise and just an overall mature encouraging mindset.
    I hope I can help and encourage someone because it is about better health.
    Feel free to friend me.
  • annobrien705
    annobrien705 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm 47 add me
  • dbkyser
    dbkyser Posts: 612 Member
    I am 53 and feel better than ever.
    I lift, cycle an work out every week. Still working towards my goal.
    Always looking for motivated friends.
  • Etsaknew
    Etsaknew Posts: 1 Member
    I'm 46 and have a lot of weight to lose. I would love to join a group of people to help each other stay motivated to get healthy.
  • Auntbad
    Auntbad Posts: 2 Member
    I am 49, I. All will be happy
  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 5,988 Member
    44 and very active user. Log everything, open diary, support my friends. :)
  • alteredsteve175
    alteredsteve175 Posts: 2,612 Member
    Level 63 here. Do some lifting, circuit training and hiking for exercise. Open diary. Low carb eating plan. Post regularly on this website. Please add me if you like.
  • Silkysausage
    Silkysausage Posts: 550 Member
    Oh dear, I just pressed the wrong button to submit my post and deleted it...says it all doesn't it!!!

    42 year old female, lifting 4 days a week, hormones are catching up with me and slowing me down somewhat. No crop tops, makeup or phone at the gym like the 'young ones' but dedication is my motto.

    10 years of Post Viral Fatigue suffered but joined the gym last year.

    Open diary, very helpful and certainly like to support others who need advice.

  • jocan11112017
    jocan11112017 Posts: 21 Member
    I agree with the opening post. Looking for motivation/support and anecdotes from people who can relate to the 80’s :)