Xmas water weight gain and drop - Give us your data!



  • GrumpyHeadmistress
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    Up 4lbs over 25th and 26th. Down 1.8lbs overnight. Expect the rest to come off when get the next few days
  • Nony_Mouse
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    for the two people that were up a from going 500 over maintenance..is that a total of 500 for one day? or over 500 daily for a few days? if only over 500 on one day through all of Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day, that is impressive!

    There were three of us, I just didn't have a corresponding scale spike. Probably at least partly because I'm at maintenance anyway (but then so is @Orphia), so it really was only 500 extra for me. It also followed two days of accidental deficit, so balanced out really. Glycogen stocks are probably pretty full so no replenishment and corresponding water weight there. And as for only the one day, single, live on my own, had family here for Christmas Day but the others are just normal days for me.
  • VintageFeline
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    Stopped logging and switched to diet break on the 18th but weight remained stable after expected 2lb maintenance bounce. Went a bit hog wild 24th/25th/26th. Topped out at 166 (lowest has been 156 but was trending 158-9 since diet break start).

    Started logging again yesterday, at maintenance as on diet break until new year. Today weighed in at 162 so 4lbs gone overnight. I don't expect anything more than 2lbs of true gain, if that. All that extra food had me bouncing off the walls at times, never sat still for three days so a nice increase in NEAT probably.
  • LAWoman72
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    Oh I don't know....like 5 in water/food and almost back to where I started today.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I'm actually losing right now. Not really changing anything other than maybe my eating patterns, doing pretty good with cooking for myself. Focusing on the things I really enjoy, and passing on the rest. Still getting in all my workouts, too, with the exception of the actual holiday.

    That being said, there was one night I had wings for dinner - super salty. I was up 3# that next morning. It was gone in 48 hours though.
  • charlenekapf
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    Interesting to see the variety here. Holidays can be hard. This year was personally easy for me as I stopped restricting so much leading up to Christmas and increased my activity a bit before, during and after. I was able to stay in a deficit as I was pretty active throughout the past week as I knew I'd be indulging. I managed to eat 2200-2500 and burn 2800-3200 daily. As of this morning, 165. Pretty happy with how things are going despite being slow weight loss, I don't feel like I am yo-yoing as I have in the past this time of year.
  • newheavensearth
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    145 on the 22nd. 152 on the 26th. 149 this morning. A lot of Italian food, movie snacks, hot chocolate, and fruitcake involved. Started logging again a couple days ago. Also increased water, herbal tea and cardio.
  • MissMaggieMuffin
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I went all crazy for a couple of weeks or so (long story) with multiple days over maintenance and several at around double maintenance. I didn't track all that carefully, but I'm guessing I've probably added something like 3 pounds of fat.

    I've been maintaining for a while in the upper 120s. Last time I saw that was 12/20, 129.8 pounds, so just barely. I'm not going to be exhaustive, but here are some key points, all AM weigh-ins:

    12/24: 133.6
    12/26: 137.0
    12/27: 134.0
    12/28: 131.0

    In year 2 of maintenance, none of this is remotely worrisome or stressful. I'm eating a bit under maintenance again, and if I don't do anything else extreme, I'll be back in the 120s in a week or so. If I throw in more big day(s) around New Years, it'll be a little longer. Meh. ;)

    @AnnPT77 Thanks for that post - inspirational and reassuring. You are in the mindset that I aspire to in that you can trust the process & know that you will get back to where you want to be. I'm not quite there yet. I'm 3 lbs. or so up over the holidays and, while my head knows that I am in control and NOT going back to where I was a year ago, a part of me still obsesses over those lbs.
  • ptrcmcc6
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    167.2 Christmas morning 12/25.......171.3 12/26........170.5 12/27, and this morning, 169.8. It's coming down slowly.
  • ashley52601
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    Up 4lbs, down 3 so far.
  • djsoos
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    12/20- 225lbs. 12/25- 221
    12/21- 223lbs. 12/26- 221
    12/22- 226lbs. 12/27- 223.5
    12/23- 223lbs. 12/28- 221
    12/24- 221lbs.

    Actually stable except self inflicted drinking and over/bad eating night of 12/21. Did not work out 12/26. HMMM.
  • LBgetsfit
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    My weight was up over the weekend with highest weight being Boxing Day (Dec 26) at 142.6lbs. I finally dropped back down to 137.0lbs this morning. And I’d been averaging 135-138 in December, so I’m good with that!
  • str82nichelle
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    12/22: 219
    12/23: 219.4
    12/24: 219.8
    12/25: 220
    12/26: 220.8
    12/27: 221
    12/28: 220.8

    I loss during Thanksgiving, but Christmas is just SO many days of celebrating!! Last gathering yesterday so I should be heading back down. :#
  • TavistockToad
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    3lb up. Happy with that!
  • xxharleyquinnxx
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    I am up half a pound so trying to get that off by new years eve. I've not really eaten as much as I could of over Christmas though tbh so I'm happy it's paid off and I've not gained alot. New year's eve might be a different story as I will be drinking
  • tar2323
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    tar2323 wrote: »
    Was 165lb the morning before Christmas Eve. Ate without counting cals on Christmas Eve and Day (including 4 mince pies, sticky toffee pud with Baileys cream, roasties with oil, etc) and was 171.8 on Boxing Day morning. 6.8lbs up in two days (which is fine - I understand how and why).

    Back to deficit and each day weight has gone like this:
    171.8 (26th)
    169.0 (27th)
    167.4 (today)

    Today's weigh-in:
    Down from 167.4 yesterday to 166.6 today.