Wish this was eaiser.



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    @AnnPT77 That was amazing... :flowerforyou:

    Agreed. This should be required MFP reading. So much truth!
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    Keep going!! I didn't lose anything for almost a month then over three days I lost like 10lbs!! I was so stressed about why I wasn't losing anything but my body just needed time to catch up! Also PMS and my period always throw everything off.
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    Just curious, OP- is any of this sinking in? You are getting some of the best advice out there from some very experienced users... what do you think?
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    Personally, I would print off @AnnPT77 's post and consult it weekly... in fact, maybe I will (and I've been here 3 years and lost 25% of my body weight ;) )
  • I think you hit the nail on the head in that mindset is the most important part of weight loss and maintenance. Setting up realistic expectations, goals, systems of measurement and how to manage disappointment and discouragement. Nutrition is the most of the challenge. This was hard for me with time, energy and stress issues. This is a long-term project and the key is delayed gratification.